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ratatouille and fruit crisp

Over last weekend I made two of my favorite dishes when fresh ingredients are available. Ratatouille and fruit crisp! Two perfect summer foods. Made even better that the ratatouille was mostly made from fresh vegetables from our family’s garden: The Japanese eggplants were from Whole Foods. The zucchini, summer squash and cucumbers (cucumbers did not…… Continue reading ratatouille and fruit crisp

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Mixed Up…

I spent the entire day (literally until 4pm) thinking that yesterday was Thursday. Can you imagine how heart broken I was when I [finally] realized that it was only Wednesday?? Two more days until the weekend. Not one.  Obviously I was quite mixed up yesterday. But still, I made the best of it… Breakfast yesterday…… Continue reading Mixed Up…

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Bring a Treat to Work Day

Apparently today was bring a treat to work day at the office. So even though I was annoyed by how much time I spent in the kitchen on Sunday preparing all of my healthy food and packing lunch and breakfast and making dinner for the week, when I got to work I was so happy…… Continue reading Bring a Treat to Work Day

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Oh Monday…

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you woke up to warm temperatures, blue skies and an overall beautiful day. But if you live in the Boston or Providence area, you woke up to gray skies, showers, rain, and down right cold temperatures. When I got to work it was barely 50 degrees outside and there was…… Continue reading Oh Monday…

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Sunday Night Prep…

Do you ever ask yourself, “where did this weekend go!?” I find myself asking that question most Sunday evenings. But tonight I looked at the clock and was shocked to see that it was 9:30 PM – I had no idea where the rest of my day went! I accomplished a ton of things today…… Continue reading Sunday Night Prep…

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Core Recipes

It is great to have a few ‘core recipes’ in your repertoire. Once you have a few recipes you can always fall back on or go to, you can change them up a bit when you feel like it. Tonight I made something, and I am not quite sure what to call it. I think…… Continue reading Core Recipes

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Ratatouille with Penne…

a la Jacques Pépin. I love his recipe, but I usually change it around a bit. Today I had to change it because the market I went to this afternoon did not have eggplant. Eggplant is definitely a summer item, but I saw a few at Whole Foods the other day… so I was hoping.…… Continue reading Ratatouille with Penne…


Ratatouille via Pepin

Hi readers – Have you ever had one of those nights where the entire evening just gets away from you? Wow, that totally happened to me last night. I ran a couple of errands on my way home from work, sat out on the deck and talked with Mark about our days, and before I…… Continue reading Ratatouille via Pepin

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Sunday: Amazing Ratatouille

Hi All – Wow, Sunday night’s dinner was a success… but let me recap the rest of the day first. Katherine and I had a fun time watching Julia Child on (link here to episodes on the web!)  The episodes were inspiring and I can’t wait to try a few of her recipes. It…… Continue reading Sunday: Amazing Ratatouille