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Not Bad for a Monday

I was so thankful for a “not so bad” Monday – how about you? Is it bad that at the end of the day on Monday I sort of have an internal celebration that I’ve made it through the first day of the work week? I might be the only person who does that, I…… Continue reading Not Bad for a Monday

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A Great Weekend

Hi there blog readers. I had a lovely weekend – I hope you had the same. The weekend was full of cold, New Englandy winter weather, some of my favorite people, a good run and really good food. I could not ask for more. I went out to dinner and frozen yogurt on Friday night…… Continue reading A Great Weekend


A Go To Dinner

Hi there, blog readers! How have you been? I have been so busy working on a lot of different projects – hence not as much blogging. But rest assured, even though I have not been blogging every day, I have been focusing on healthy eating and living these days! Right now we are in a…… Continue reading A Go To Dinner



Well, somehow I survived the five day work week. Everyone around me was coming down with the stomach bug, the flu, or a nasty cold. But somehow I have remained healthy – so far. Yes, I just knocked on wood. I made a big culinary purchase this week – and I almost wonder if it…… Continue reading Sunday

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A Five Day Work Week?

This week I have to go to work five whole days in a row. What!? It has been a long while since I had to work a five day work week. My body sort of does not remember what that means. Ugh. Last night, post Downton Abbey, I set my alarm for 5:55 AM. Yuck!…… Continue reading A Five Day Work Week?


Lots of Birthday Celebrations

Greetings, blog readers. How has your week been? My week has been full of birthday celebrations. Such a busy week, I can’t believe how much fun I had! My actual birthday was Thursday – but I had my first cake on New Year’s Day. I had one day back to work on Wednesday, and then…… Continue reading Lots of Birthday Celebrations

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Back to Work

Today when my alarm went off at 5:40 in the morning, I felt like I was getting back to the grind of my day to day life. However, I was nicely surprised. I had a pretty awesome commute which was such a nice treat and not at all what I was expecting. I also had…… Continue reading Back to Work


Happy New Year

Happy New Year, blog readers! What does 2013 have in store for you? Have you made New Year resolutions? I am not much for resolutions, but I figured making a few important ones cannot hurt. This morning I spent a while writing out Happy New Year cards to friends that I have not seen in…… Continue reading Happy New Year