Hello From Maine

Hi Bloggies – I won’t be posting too much this weekend because I’m in Maine. We are having a fantastic weekend, perfect weather, cool temperatures, and a lot of fun. On Thursday night I made blueberry muffins from scratch. I used the old school Jordan Marsh recipe, and they were a huge hit this morning!…… Continue reading Hello From Maine


I have a new haircut..!

This picture was my inspiration for my new cut.     The movie You’ve Got Mail came out in 1997. I went to the theaters and saw this movie with my mom. Ever since then, I wanted this haircut. It has been over ten years, and I have never done it. Until tonight…. But first, I…… Continue reading I have a new haircut..!

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Good Eats

Hi All: I am happy to report that I have had some pretty good meals today! I started the day off with (instant) oats.  With the addition of fresh blueberries, this was a great breakfast and it actually kept me full until I had lunch at 12:30 this afternoon. The oats: Most of the morning…… Continue reading Good Eats


Salad For Dinner

Well, instead of Pesto, I had a salad for dinner. A pretty amazing salad, thanks to the chicken my mom picked up and attempted to grille tonight 😉 Mom was having a bit of trouble with the grille tonight – thankfully I remembered what Mark had told me last week. In order for the fire…… Continue reading Salad For Dinner


Old Fashioned Oats to the Rescue

Hi guys – Over the last week my injury has really started getting to me.  I hate not being able to run. It is depressing. I miss the awesome feeling after a great run. While I love reading my books, I miss hitting the road. 😦 Yesterday I had another doctor’s appointment. The good news?…… Continue reading Old Fashioned Oats to the Rescue


A Pesto Question

Hi All – I had a sick day yesterday after heading to the doctor at 9am. I received a cortisone shot for my knee. I hope it helps. Quick question of the day: Yesterday I made homemade pesto. I need to make something with Pesto for dinner. What should I make? Let me know! See…… Continue reading A Pesto Question

Dinner · Lunch · Running

Running and more stuff…

There was a great story on running airing on NPR on my way home tonight. Check it out! 😀 I really hope to get back to running soon. I miss it so much. I miss the fact that you can run anywhere. I just love driving somewhere after work and going for a run. Short…… Continue reading Running and more stuff…