Hello From Maine

Hi Bloggies –

I won’t be posting too much this weekend because I’m in Maine. We are having a fantastic weekend, perfect weather, cool temperatures, and a lot of fun.

On Thursday night I made blueberry muffins from scratch. I used the old school Jordan Marsh recipe, and they were a huge hit this morning!

For lunch I had a fantastic sandwich. It is a new favorite. Two pieces of whole wheat bread, toasted with Swiss cheese on both sides. Mustard on one side, hummus on the other side, turkey and lettuce.  A couple of things I would add the next time: tomato, cucumber and red onion I think. But this sandwich really hit the spot. Instant classic!

Tonight we are having lasagna from Spinelli’s.  We had this lasagna last year (thanks to our friend Laurie) and it was a huge hit! We will have salad and garlic bread on the side, too. A classic Italian dinner.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I’ll check in with you later!


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