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Wednesday’s food, etc.

Hey All – I switched up breakfast today – fruit, low fat yogurt, and granola: Along with the yogurt and fruit combo, I had my own creation of café au lait!  Sadly enough, I could not steam my milk this morning, but I warmed up the milk in the microwave and then added the hot…… Continue reading Wednesday’s food, etc.


A camping re-cap

Hey All – I thought I should do a brief re-cap of our camping weekend!  We left Boston around 2:30 on Friday afternoon.  Before we got in the car, we paid a quick visit to Starbucks and I got a Frappuccino Light for the car ride.  I used to never get Frappuccinos at Starbucks because…… Continue reading A camping re-cap

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Tuesday – back to the real world!

Hey All – Ben and I had the best time camping and hiking this weekend!  It was a little bit hard to get back to the real world / work world this morning, but I certainly did feel refreshed after a long weekend off. This morning I opted for a ‘simple’ breakfast of instant oatmeal……… Continue reading Tuesday – back to the real world!

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Thursday – eating in the heat?

OK, I know I’ve already said this – but it is HOT here today!!  there is not too much to discuss since I have not been hungry for most of the day. I had another Blueberry Wheat Bran muffin for breakfast and a great cup of coffee. I had a few morning meetings, and got…… Continue reading Thursday – eating in the heat?

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Wednesday a day late!

When it is hot outside, I really loose my appetite most of the time. Today I have only consumed 518 calories and it is almost 7 o’clock… what is up with that!?  It was  94 degrees today in Newton… and about 92 in Boston.  That is HOT for the end of May… at least in…… Continue reading Wednesday a day late!

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I don’t know about you guys – but this week is sort of dragging for me! I think it might be because I am so excited for our camping trip in the White Mountains this coming weekend… Well, only three days of work left! For breakfast this morning I had cold cereal – raisin bran…… Continue reading Tuesday

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Monday, May 18

Hey All- Hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a super busy one with Ben’s family all in town – it was really fun and we celebrated Lara’s graduation from her master’s program in nutrition. Last night I did not sleep well at all! I got at most three hours of sleep.  Thankfully we…… Continue reading Monday, May 18


An amazing “new” dessert!

Tonight I was finally able to try this new dessert that I had been really excited to try all week! I cannot take credit for this new treat – Jenna has been eating this for a while, and my sister was the one that recommended putting it in the freezer for a “frozen yogurt” type…… Continue reading An amazing “new” dessert!

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Hmm… I really thought I had written a blog entry for Tuesday, but I guess that was just wishful thinking! This week has been so busy but thankfully it is almost over. I’ve worked super hard, and I’m really looking forward to the weekend! Where to begin, since it’s been a while?  Tuesday: I forgot…… Continue reading Thursday

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Hey ya’ll – Going to bed last night, I was a little bit bummed out about the week ahead. It’s sometimes hard to start a week off when you know you have to work extra late on Monday (of all days of the week!) and Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. The good news is that my…… Continue reading Monday