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Hey ya’ll –

Going to bed last night, I was a little bit bummed out about the week ahead. It’s sometimes hard to start a week off when you know you have to work extra late on Monday (of all days of the week!) and Tuesday and possibly Wednesday.

The good news is that my Monday work day is over – I survived the first day and only four more to go!

I decided to sleep in a little bit this morning, because I knew I wouldn’t be getting off early today. I woke up at 8 o’clock this morning and had a relaxing time getting ready for the day.  I actually got my ab work-out and push-ups out of the way this morning which was fantastic!

I also had time to make have breakfast this morning:

Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal with a scoop of peanut butter to keep me going until lunch!  This really did the trick the protein from the milk and peanut butter, the fiber from the cereal and the fat from the PB really worked well together and kept me going until I had lunch at 1 o’clock today.

I had a late lunch at my desk because I took a three mile walk at lunch!  It was a really beautiful day in Boston, and I enjoyed it through exercise – what a perfect combo!  As I walked at lunch, I thought about my up-coming camping trip (Memorial Day weekend) and our potential back packing trip in the White Mountains later this summer. Ahhh…. I cannot wait!

For lunch @ my desk I had the other half of my chicken Caesar wrap – left over from yesterday’s mother’s day lunch:

and a Trader Joe’s low fat vanilla yogurt:

Because I was expecting to work really late tonight, I brought a few snacks to work with me.  At 3 o’clock I had my whole wheat cheddar goldfish crackers… yum.

And at around 4 o’clock I had my trail mix  – peanuts, almonds, raisins, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Today was a rather snacky day, I guess.  Oh well. The kicker was that I did not get quite as much work done as we wanted to tonight, and I got home at 7:45.  I’m trying not to think about what this means for tomorrow night… a later night, probably.

Ben was in charge of dinner tonight! He made a pasta salad, and I added some baked chicken to the mix.  I also had a piece of French bread.  This dinner was surprisingly filling… maybe it was the large glass of milk I had with the meal?

OK, well it’s nearly 10pm and I’m going to have to head for bed.  I will catch you all tomorrow!


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