Mother’s Day Wine Tasting

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s who read Sugar & Spice!

To celebrate my Mom’s special day, my sister, Ben and I took my mom to Greenvale Vineyard in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  We really lucked out with a beautiful day and we had such an enjoyable time at our wine tasting and walking around the grounds of the vineyard. If you are looking for a local vineyard in Southern New England, I would highly recommend paying a visit to Greenvale.

We had a lovely wine tasting of eight different wines for $8 each. I am not usually a fan of white wines, but I found two that I really liked at Greenvale.

After the tasting, we bought a bottle of wine which we brought out to the picnic tables to enjoy.

Here are the ladies (my mom, me and my sister!) at the picnic table enjoying a glass of wine in the sunshine…

While it was super breezy all over the Boston / Providence/ Newport area today, we still were able to have a great day outside – and it was so nice to see the sunshine after a few days of overcast skies and rain.  I think it was a special day ordered for all of the mom’s out there 🙂

After enjoying the Vineyard we went to one of our favorite Newport eateries for a late lunch – the Red Parrot.  My mom, sister and Ben all got different types of hamburgers and I ordered a chicken Caesar wrap (which comes on a tomato wrap – the added falvor due to this is so great!) with the dressing on the side. I was sort of full from the snacks we had at the vineyard (crackers, etc) so I only managed to eat half of my sandwich… but I am so excited to have the other half tomorrow for lunch.

As for exercise today, it was nice to walk around the Vineyard and Newport and I just finished a twenty minute work out with my yoga ball… sit ups and push ups. I think the added need to balance on the ball while doing the exercises helps stimulate your core – which is what I’m trying to work on. Having a strong core for running and hiking is always important, and it’s my biggest area in need of improvement.

My pledge this week is to work out my core for at least twenty minutes five times this week.  I think this might be sort of hard since I’m working late Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday night. But the great thing about having my new yoga ball is that it is right in my room, so it’s easy to make the time to workout. It is also important since I will be spending a lot of time at work, and probably not be getting much gym time / run time in… ugh.

I hope everyone has a good start to the week! Even though I’m going to be really busy this week, I’m hoping to make time for the blog at least once a day.

See you soon!


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