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Wednesday’s re-cap

So far this week has been decent. I am back into the workout routine and for the most part (sans the mac and cheese ordered at Monday night’s dinner) I am back to eating well. It is always a good feeling when you can get back to working out AND eating well at the same…… Continue reading Wednesday’s re-cap

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Rain, mist and baseball?

Hey everyone – I think I might have mentioned what a busy week we have on tap… which sort of stinks because I still have not been able to go to the grocery store yet. This is when food blogging gets (a) embarrassing and (b) boring. Bare with me. I promise to [try] and get…… Continue reading Rain, mist and baseball?

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Tuesday – back to the real world!

Hey All – Ben and I had the best time camping and hiking this weekend!  It was a little bit hard to get back to the real world / work world this morning, but I certainly did feel refreshed after a long weekend off. This morning I opted for a ‘simple’ breakfast of instant oatmeal……… Continue reading Tuesday – back to the real world!

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Tuesday, starting to feel better

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  I’m starting to feel a bit better today – I went to work which was an accomplishment.  This morning I also realized that I had part of my appetite back.  I went across the street to Bread & Chocolate for breakfast and decided on a lemon blueberry scone 🙂 My ol’ classic…… Continue reading Tuesday, starting to feel better

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Spring is coming… and food of the day

Hi All – Happy almost spring! The first day of spring is actually on Friday, but I’m celebrating a few days early. Today after work I went for a great walk in my hiking boots. I walked for just over an hour and burned 436 calories (who would have thought you could burn that many…… Continue reading Spring is coming… and food of the day

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Happy New Year + Birthday Celebration #1

Hi Bloggies – Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is having a great first day of 2009. Ben and I really enjoyed our evening out in Boston and had an amazing dinner at Bonfire. Ben has promised to be a guest blogger soon to talk about his dinner! This morning we went to Au Bon…… Continue reading Happy New Year + Birthday Celebration #1