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Tuesday, starting to feel better

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  I’m starting to feel a bit better today – I went to work which was an accomplishment.  This morning I also realized that I had part of my appetite back.  I went across the street to Bread & Chocolate for breakfast and decided on a lemon blueberry scone 🙂 My ol’ classic / favorite!  I searched through my old blog pictures to find a pic of this lovely scone, but did not seem to have one on file – how strange!  I guess we’ll just have to use our imagination – it was wonderful!

Before lunch I had to stop for a morning snack – thankfully I had packed a banana… it really saved the day. After eating next to nothing for the last couple of days, I was definitely hungry today.  I’m thinking this is a good sign?  The banana helped me get through the rest of the morning. (I had no camera today – thanks Google images!)


For lunch I just had to have soup… do you ever find that when you’re sick with a cold you just need soup?  I do! Today I went to AuBon Pain and got medium (they did not have the small size option today – what the heck is up with that?!) chicken and wild rice soup and a piece of bread.  It was a good meal and really hit the spot on a cold, rainy and sick day.

When I got home I had a few snacks – an apple with peanut butter (here is an old picture of another apple and Barney Butter!):

I also had a few TJ’s  everything pretzel slims… yum.  I also had an Emergan’c – pink grapefruit flavor!

I didn’t have any good ideas for dinner tonight – but I did have a glass of milk with Aria protein powder mixed in… I know, a bad excuse for dinner, but it did the trick tonight.  Later I had a couple of handfuls of popcorn that Ben and his parents were also snacking on.

Well, I still have to get extra sleep since I am still recovering from the cold.  Ben and I are leaving for Maine tomorrow – but the blog will continue during our mini-vacation. See ya’ll tomorrow!


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