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Tuesday and a New Yogurt!

So much for the creative blog titles this week, I guess. More on the new yogurt in a few minutes. This morning I made a smoothie! I cannot remember why I got out of the habit of making them this summer, but I did. I was happy to have a smoothie this morning. But I…… Continue reading Tuesday and a New Yogurt!


What happens after a long run…

… you eat. Am I the only one who is usually starving after long runs??? Today I ran over eight miles. Then I walked around a bit on the East Side of Providence. As I said before, breakfast was on the very light side (I am so making oatmeal tomorrow in hopes to get read…… Continue reading What happens after a long run…

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope your Monday is flying by and that you have a short work week. I have a two day work week, and at the beginning of the morning I was wondering how I would ever make it through just two days. That probably sounds really weird. But here is the thing:…… Continue reading Snack


A Great Lunch…

Wow, today’s lunch made it worth the hour and a half I spent in the kitchen last night! During that hour and a half I did the following: Made Mark Bittman’s pasta fagioli soup (one of my favorite winter meals!) (This includes chopping onions [and crying of course], a couple of cloves of garlic, parsley,…… Continue reading A Great Lunch…


Yay for Friends!

Seriously, good friends rock. They are awesome. Think about where you would be in the world without a couple of really good friends? Tonight my great friend Katherine is letting me spend the night at her apartment. She lives really close to our office. Because I was working rather late tonight, Katherine offered to let…… Continue reading Yay for Friends!


Catching up…

I spent a lot of time this afternoon catching up with some college friends, it was great. First I went to the art show at the Rhode Island Watercolor Society at Slater Park in Pawtucket. While there I met up with one of my best friends from college, Jennifer and another college friend Matt and…… Continue reading Catching up…


Post Workout Snack

Hi Folks: I think I have a new favorite post workout snack! I just walked in from 45 minutes on the treadmill and I was starving – enough to eat anything! But instead I took a deep breath and gathered myself. I took a shower and then made a really great plate of food. 1…… Continue reading Post Workout Snack


It is summer out there…

What the heck happened to Spring!? Just wondering! As the weather people said, today does feel like a summer day in July. It is H-O-T outside! At lunch I went for a two mile speed walk – my friend Kate and I paced about a 14 minute mile most of the way, slowing down just…… Continue reading It is summer out there…


I love Quaker True Delights!

Hey all – I have to review a new Quaker Oats product, which I just adore. Foodbuzz recently sent me a couple of bars of Quaker’s new True Delight granola bars. The first bar I tried, I split with Ben over the weekend. It was the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond bar. We both loved this…… Continue reading I love Quaker True Delights!

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Thursday – breakfast & lunch

Hi All – Ok, well it is finally Thursday.  I have been thinking it was Thursday for a couple of days now – and so I am finally on track! This morning Ben brought me coffee in bed – that is how tired I was! It was so nice to have coffee while still in…… Continue reading Thursday – breakfast & lunch