Yay for Friends!

Seriously, good friends rock. They are awesome. Think about where you would be in the world without a couple of really good friends?

Tonight my great friend Katherine is letting me spend the night at her apartment. She lives really close to our office. Because I was working rather late tonight, Katherine offered to let me spend the night so I did not have to drive home late tonight (like I did on Tuesday night) just to turn around early in the morning to drive back to work.

On my way home from the office (I left the office at 8 o’clock tonight – not all that late) I stopped by Hannaford Supermarket to pick up some snacks for Katherine. As I was picking up some food, I began to wonder if such a thing was weird. I figured it was not all that weird. It is sort of like bringing a bottle of wine over to a friend to say ‘ thank you ‘ …. instead it is food. Being a foodie, I guess that might be sort of a normal thing to do, no?

I picked up some Kashi Heart to Heart crackers, some Boursin cheese, hummus, salsa and blue corn chips. (Katherine and I are both big fans of blue corn chips – just a heads up in case you ever want to buy either of us a treat.  Kidding! Well, not about loving blue corn chips. We are not expecting anyone to buy us treats of course!)

I also picked up an Amy’s burrito while I was at the market. I had a second dinner at around 8:30 tonight. I was starving even after my soup.

Anyhow, I am relieved that the work week is nearly over. I am hoping that Friday will be a nice balance of busy and a quick day. I have a to do list, and I hope to get everything marked off on it.

After work I plan on either going straight to the gym for some quality time with my elliptical machine or for a run. Saturday I am meeting with my trainer, and then going for a run. It has finally stopped raining so I am taking advantage.

Can we discuss for a moment how it is suddenly autumn??  Does it feel like fall where you live? The last couple of days have been down right chilly – well, the rain has not helped. But when I left the office today it was 60 degrees outside. It felt refreshing, and I was so glad to be in the autumn like air. I always know that it is my favorite season when I start wearing my clogs again. Today I wore a pair of Lucky Jeans, brown clogs, a tee shirt and a sweater. Hello September.  I can tell that I am going to be making some more soup this weekend. Don’t worry, I will report back.

I am signing off for now.  Hope you are all having a nice Thursday evening. See you tomorrow!



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