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Dinner at work…

Some days I do not mind having dinner at work. Especially when I plan ahead… but let’s rewind a bit, I’ll get to dinner in a moment.

I got to work a few minutes before 11 o’clock this morning. Ugh. So late. There was a lot of traffic, a lot of rain, and unfortunately a lot of flooding on some of the roads that I travel on. Not anything to really complain about  –  seeing as what is going on in so many different parts of the country. But I was getting sick of the rain, and I hate driving in the rain. So. Anyhow. I got to work. I dropped my lunch and dinner off in the staff lunch room, and walked by oatmeal raisin cookies that were up for grabs. They looked amazing. So I grabbed one and promptly ate it on my way back to the office. No photo. Sorry. It was delicious and really hit the spot after a long drive in. 🙂 Is it possible that an oatmeal raisin cookie can make any situation better? Maybe.  But let’s not press our luck.

I eventually had lunch at 1:45 today. That cookie really tied me over for a while! (I’m sure the Kashi, banana and blueberries helped from breakfast, too.) The salad I made was amazing. No added meat or other source of protein, but I loved the avocado in this one. I like having alterations to my lunch salads whenever possible during the week because it allows me to grow less tired of them.

This salad was a superstar of salads:

Oh, after lunch I had five peanut M&Ms. Just sayin’.

For the record – when I have a salad for lunch, I really love to have a piece of awesome bread. There was one more piece of the Olga’s bread at home – but I just did not feel like grabbing it this morning when I was packing up all of my lunch and dinner things. Big mistake.

I finally broke from work at 6:25 for dinner. I was sort of hungry by this point, and I was so glad that I had packed a small dish of chicken noodle soup. I warmed it up in the microwave for two minutes, and then carefully brought it back to my desk. It really hit the spot. The pepper really gave the stock a great flavor – as did the onions, and surprisingly the PEAS. I had never thought to put peas in chicken noodle soup before – but last night it felt like a must. I am really glad that I did. The addition also added a little more color to the soup.

So, I am still a bit hungry after the soup. Sigh. But it’s time to go back to work, hopefully I will have some sort of snack at some point tonight.

How was your day? I hope it was great. It finally stopped raining in Boston – so I am a happy camper.

See you in a bit!


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