So the Olympics have only been on TV for four days (I am not counting the opening ceremonies – although I guess I should, because I stayed up really late watching those, too) and I am exhausted! I cannot go to sleep if the Olympics are on. I used to always be on vacation when…… Continue reading Tomorrow


Summer Colds…

I have always thought that coming down with a summer cold is cruel and unusual punishment. The summer in New England always seems kind of short (personally, I’m ok with that because spring and fall is my favorite time of year) but who wants to be sick during the nice summer weather? Ugh. Since Sunday…… Continue reading Summer Colds…

Breakfast · Lunch · Walk


  Some how it has been a full week since my last blog post! I am not quite sure how that happened – but here I am to make up for it! On Tuesday morning I had a very fall / winter-ish breakfast. HOT oatmeal. The one thing that made it summery was the amazingly…… Continue reading Tuesday


A Freebie

Don’t you just love random, unscheduled days off from work?? I never knew how happy an unplanned day off from work could make me until today. I drove all the way to the office only to discover that the building was closed and everyone was being sent home! Sure I spent almost two hours in…… Continue reading A Freebie

Lunch · Running

A Busy Day

I am really happy that Monday is over 🙂 I have to tell you that I had work nightmares all weekend and I feel much better having survived my day today. Woohoo! Not only did I survive, I accomplished a good amount of stuff after work. But before I fast forward to the end of…… Continue reading A Busy Day



Hi there bloggies: Just a quick post to catch you up on some culinary stuff. In sad news, Marion Cunningham passed away last week. I was heart broken when I heard the news via NPR on my way home from work. Click here to read a lovely obituary from the NYTimes. I love her book,…… Continue reading Monday


Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Happy weekend, everyone! I was so ready for this weekend – I can’t even tell you! I have had a pretty productive day around the house. I cleaned, did laundry, baked carrot cake cupcakes and I made a salad for dinner tonight. Wow, I haven’t sat down all day – and it’s 2:45 now. I’m…… Continue reading Carrot Cake Cupcakes