So the Olympics have only been on TV for four days (I am not counting the opening ceremonies – although I guess I should, because I stayed up really late watching those, too) and I am exhausted! I cannot go to sleep if the Olympics are on. I used to always be on vacation when the Summer Olympics were on TV and I think a vacation this week would have been a brilliant idea. But on the other hand, a vacation this week would not be the most productive experience – because I would be up all night watching and then sleeping my days away, I guess.

So perhaps the Olympics have not quite inspired me to get back into my hardcore training (my best friend told me we are starting our hardcore training “next month” which means tomorrow. I am going with that thought!) But I have got my eating back on track. Natural foods dominated the day – thanks to mom’s awesome trip to East Side Market where she bought a ton of fresh produce. [Thank you wonderful mom!]

This morning I had oatmeal with fresh blueberries (that tasted amazing – I love blueberries in August!) and a spoonful of Barney Butter:

Image 3.jpg

I love this breakfast. I think it is slightly odd that I am eating oatmeal in the heat of the summer – but it is working for me right now. I did not need to eat again until noon. I had a busy morning at work with regular work and a couple of meetings thrown into the mix.

I snapped a quick photo of myself to text to a friend. I found his gray, long sleeved pull over in my car and it made a great layer as I was working in a cold area today. I definitely felt better today, but I still looked a little tired.

Can’t you just tell that I love working? I would rather be training for a marathon… but I really do love my job!

Image 5.jpg

After my last morning meeting, I snacked on the other half of the Think Thin bar I had for breakfast yesterday. As I snacked on that I put on my sneakers and got ready for my lunchtime walk. The bar really held me over during the walk. I was hungry but I had been so busy during the morning that I had barely noticed.

Image 4.jpg

I had a great 35 minute walk with three of my colleagues. We saw a seagull that was tagged and he looked so sad. We were very concerned for him and then I saw a dead rat and I screamed. It was a pretty eventful walk – quite unusual for us. Normally we usually just pass runners and get almost run over by bikers.

Lunch was at 1 o’clock and I ate at my desk as I read a 90 page document. I had a salad with vegetables and grilled chicken breast. I felt like lunch was lacking a little bit, so I picked up a freshly baked roll from our caf. I like that you can get a roll for fifty cents – but I definitely try not to get one often, I can’t remember the last time I bought one. It was really good. (Not surprising since you all know how much I love bread!!)

Image 1.jpg

I had two afternoon snacks. The first was strawberries. I had two and I gave one to my friend Jane. They smelled amazing. One more reason to love summer – fresh, ripe strawberries!!

Image 2.jpg

Aren’t these strawberries just gorgeous??

My second afternoon snack was at 4 o’clock today. I had a Chobani 0% raspberry Greek yogurt. I left a lot of the raspberry “stuff” at the bottom of the container – I used just enough to flavor the rest of the yogurt. (I hate to admit it, but I really do not like the taste of plain yogurt.)

For dinner tonight I told mom that I would make omelets. Yum. We had mushrooms and onions that I wanted to use and we had quite a few eggs on our hands, so I needed to put them to good use.

If you are ever looking for an inexpensive or a good “meal for one” I cannot recommend omelets enough. They are the best! Before I started my project in the kitchen, I went to You Tube via my iPad. I searched for how to make an omelet. I found a great video with one of my favorite chef’s, Jacques Pepin! He did a great video on how to make a “country” omelet and how to make a “classic French” omelet.

Before I started the eggs, I sautéed the onions and mushrooms in butter (You know what? Sometimes you just need to use real, actual butter. You can’t beat the flavor when you’re cooking onions and mushrooms!!!) After they were done sautéing, I put the mushrooms and onions in a bowl and started the eggs. So the omelet did not look perfect – but it was good. The finished product had the mushrooms, onions, some Cabot reduced fat cheddar cheese and it was pretty superb. I would still love to have Mr. Pepin make me an omelet one day – but I guess I can eat this for dinner while I wait for his arrival 🙂


I added a little bit of hot sauce and had a piece of toast (a sandwich thin, actually!) It was a pretty good dinner and it only took a few moments to prepare.

Mom made her famous lemon squares over the weekend, and I have not had one yet. I might have to taste one while I am watching the Olympics tonight. OK – tomorrow is August, so I need to get back into my training routine. I will report back tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Wish me luck – I definitely need it.


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