Summer Colds…

I have always thought that coming down with a summer cold is cruel and unusual punishment. The summer in New England always seems kind of short (personally, I’m ok with that because spring and fall is my favorite time of year) but who wants to be sick during the nice summer weather?


Since Sunday morning I have been feeling a bit under the weather. I have the sniffles and the occasional sneeze – but the biggest problem is that I am so tired! I am not going to write about feeling under the weather – except to say that it stinks, and I really hope I feel back to normal very soon.

I have been drinking a lot of tea lately:

Image 5.jpg

A mix between green tea and peppermint.

Today for breakfast I had a venti skim latte from Starbucks. Once I got to work I had a half of a Think Thin protein bar, the peanut butter flavor. I sort of like these bars, they keep me pretty full and it is an easy way to boost my protein on days when I don’t have meat in my breakfast or lunch.

Lunch today was a Fage yogurt, a wonderful vegetable salad with spring mixed greens (it tasted even better because I did not make the salad!) and a piece of rosemary and olive oil bread. Yum.


On the way home from work I snacked on some peanut butter Puffins. I also went for a 35 minute brisk walk today. It was a bit better than my 35 minute walk yesterday, which definitely could not be characterized as brisk. I was barely moving (although I did jog half a mile during Sunday’s outing).

Tonight I will be watching the Olympics and I hope to read A Discovery of Witches which I have heard is very good. I started reading it yesterday afternoon, but I fell asleep on page 4. When I am sick I love reading books, but most of time time when I am sick I am also exhausted and I never get reading done – I always fall asleep.

I hope you are all having a great Monday and that you are feeling happy and healthy!


2 thoughts on “Summer Colds…

  1. Hope you are feeling better fast! It’s no fun being sick! Chicken soup is what Grandma always said was good for a cold. I believe in that, too.

    1. Marilyn: You read my mind. I almost had chicken noodle soup for dinner last night! I had a salad with chicken breast instead, but the soup would have been really good! I’m feeling a bit better today. 🙂

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