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Go Out & Vote!

Happy Election Day, everyone! I love Election Day.  Even though it might be sort of a bad night for progressives, I still love seeing democracy in action. If you have not done so already, go run out and vote! I took the train in today, I had a good half hour of reading on my…… Continue reading Go Out & Vote!


The final days of vacation…

Hi Bloggies: It is amazing to me how quickly a week away from the office can fly by! I always like to have an idea of how I am going to spend my vacation week, and this week I was lucky enough to sort of stick with my “schedule”. Sunday through Wednesday: Camping. Thursday: Cooking…… Continue reading The final days of vacation…

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Good Eats

Hi All: I am happy to report that I have had some pretty good meals today! I started the day off with (instant) oats.  With the addition of fresh blueberries, this was a great breakfast and it actually kept me full until I had lunch at 12:30 this afternoon. The oats: Most of the morning…… Continue reading Good Eats


Barney Butter to the Rescue!

Hey All – Wow, I have been reading some of my favorite blogs and people have been having some good looking oats lately. As I was reading,  I wanted nothing more than a casual morning at home, enjoying breakfast on my deck while finishing up my book. Back to reality. Instead, I wake up at…… Continue reading Barney Butter to the Rescue!


Breakfast and Sunshine

Hello blog world – I am enjoying such a nice morning, I must say. I woke up expecting rain / April showers – but instead I heard birds chirping and the sun was rising. What a beautiful start to the day!  The rains are probably still on their way, but for now I will definitely…… Continue reading Breakfast and Sunshine

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Tuesday – back to the real world!

Hey All – Ben and I had the best time camping and hiking this weekend!  It was a little bit hard to get back to the real world / work world this morning, but I certainly did feel refreshed after a long weekend off. This morning I opted for a ‘simple’ breakfast of instant oatmeal……… Continue reading Tuesday – back to the real world!

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the week continues…

Hey Everyone – I hope you all had a great Tuesday.  My work day was long, but productive and fun. After being on my feet for over eight hours, I decided to skip the gym and hit the Library instead!  But more on that later… I am happy to report that Quaker instant oatmeal is…… Continue reading the week continues…