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Go Out & Vote!

Happy Election Day, everyone!

I love Election Day.  Even though it might be sort of a bad night for progressives, I still love seeing democracy in action. If you have not done so already, go run out and vote!

I took the train in today, I had a good half hour of reading on my nook before I fell asleep for the rest of the ride to Boston! When I got to South Station I (literally) ran to ABP, ordered and fixed up my medium French roast coffee, and ran to the bus. I just made it – yippee! I was at my desk by 8am. Not a bad morning commute.

Oatmeal was for breakfast. I love Quaker’s original instant oatmeal. I can make it at work, and it does not have any of the artificial flavors or added sugar or sweeteners. This stuff is the best instant oatmeal out there! I added some raisins to spice it up a bit. I was sad to not have cinnamon or my pumpkin spice, but hopefully  I will remember to pack some tomorrow.

I had to have a mid-morning snack as I was working at my laptop.

I love this new mix I have created. Kashi’s Heart to Heart, raisins, and peanuts.

I had chili for lunch again today. A bit of sour cream on top and an apple on the side with a spoonful of Barney Butter. Not a bad lunch! I am so glad that Mark and I took the time to make this chili on Sunday afternoon. It’s paid off big time in my meal plan this week!

I am going to try and repeat my awesome commuting karma this afternoon and leave work just a few minutes early in hopes of catching the 4:35 train home again tonight.  My mom, Mark and I are having Chinese food tonight and watching the election returns.  It is an tradition in my house – I am really looking forward to it, well – to the food at least.

Have a great day, everyone and I will see you later tonight.


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