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Good Commuting Karma…

There is nothing I like more than good commuting karma – especially on a Monday! It is so rare… But today I left just a few minutes early to go to the bank before getting on the train. Imagine my surprise when I walked in to South Station to see that there was a 4:35 train to Providence… it was 4:27 PM. I still needed to go to the bank… I was on the phone with Mark and I asked him, should I just skip the bank and book it to the train? He talked some sense into me, and reminded me that getting to the bank is what I left work early for. WHO KNEW that I could actually get to the bank and get on the 4:35 train!? Simply amazing – and it made my Monday super special!

Mark picked me up at the train station and on the way home I decided to commit myself to a trip to the gym. One of the great things about our new home?? I am about 6 minutes to my fantastic gym. I think I will definitely be going more. (6 minutes is a lot better than 20!)

I did indeed make it to the gym. I did the elliptical machine for 35 minutes and burned 350 calories 🙂 When I added that to my awesome 17 minute power walk, I was quite happy with my Monday of exercise. I most likely will not be making it to the gym tomorrow night, so I’m especially happy that I got a workout in tonight.

Dinner was pretty awesome too. Does this photo give you a hint?


Um, yeah. An amazing grilled cheese.


Swiss cheese, turkey and tomato.


It was really good. The aluminum foil on top of a grilled cheese while it is cooking will make it extra crispy, in case you were wondering!

Mark had a bowl of chili for dinner. He made amazing nachos with cheddar and monterey jack cheese. I definitely helped him with the nachos. Yum. All in all it was a pretty fantastic Monday.

See y’all tomorrow!


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