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A Digital Personal Trainer

Do you have a personal trainer? I do, when I can afford her. And I love her to death. Both as the wonderful person that she is and what she makes me do at the gym. But buying time with a personal trainer can be expensive, and recently I have been on a strict budget,…… Continue reading A Digital Personal Trainer


Happy New Year

Happy New Year, blog readers! What does 2013 have in store for you? Have you made New Year resolutions? I am not much for resolutions, but I figured making a few important ones cannot hurt. This morning I spent a while writing out Happy New Year cards to friends that I have not seen in…… Continue reading Happy New Year

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Where did the day go?

I left the house a little after six o’clock this morning, I got home at 7:30 and finally sat down to dinner at 8 o’clock tonight. I have no idea where my day went, and I am exhausted. But it feels good, I guess. I feel like I accomplished a lot. I got to work…… Continue reading Where did the day go?

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I am back…

Oh, I have missed you, blog and blog readers! I have been so busy at work and then I went on vacation and now I am back at work and sort of on a detox 🙂 Not that I ate badly, but I did let myself eat whatever I wanted while on vacation and it…… Continue reading I am back…

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Holy Heat!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, it was wonderful and I loved driving with my windows rolled down last night as I drove from Rachel’s house to home. It was low humidity, and it felt cool. I cannot wait for fall weather! Today was a different story. It was hot and even worse… it was humid.…… Continue reading Holy Heat!

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Tuesday: Getting My Run On…

Good Tuesday evening, folks! I feel like I have had a pretty busy day – but I did not get everything that I wanted accomplished. I had goals, and I also had priorities – and running at least 4 miles was at the tippy top of my priority list. So, as you know, I had…… Continue reading Tuesday: Getting My Run On…

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Playing Catch Up…

Hi there Bloggies: I was out of town from Friday until Monday this week – and I feel like I am playing catch up now that I am back at home! I had a great trip to Maryland and Washington, DC to help celebrate my wonderful friend Jessie’s 30th birthday. It was quite a weekend…… Continue reading Playing Catch Up…

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Hello there blog readers. Today is the second day of Mega August. I didn’t start the day off to psyched about training after work, but as the day progressed my attitude improved. I slept well last night, and I thank my 4 + mile run after work yesterday for that. I woke up feeling pretty…… Continue reading Thursday

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A Busy Day

I am really happy that Monday is over 🙂 I have to tell you that I had work nightmares all weekend and I feel much better having survived my day today. Woohoo! Not only did I survive, I accomplished a good amount of stuff after work. But before I fast forward to the end of…… Continue reading A Busy Day


Running & Smoothies

I really did not want to run today. But I did because I had to keep the streak alive! I pushed myself a little bit to run a decent amount (I am training for a couple of 10Ks after all!) Here is something random for the record: half a pear and 1 big mug of…… Continue reading Running & Smoothies