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A Digital Personal Trainer

Do you have a personal trainer? I do, when I can afford her. And I love her to death. Both as the wonderful person that she is and what she makes me do at the gym. But buying time with a personal trainer can be expensive, and recently I have been on a strict budget, so I have not seen my personal trainer for sessions – though she always encourages me when I see her at our gym.

Almost two years ago I discovered what I refer to as my digital personal trainer. It is actually a fitbit. I started off with what I think is the original Fitbit, it was a gift from my best friend at the holidays in 2011. I instantly became attached to it and wore it every single day. Last year at some point I upgraded to the Fitbit one. I can’t say enough about both models. Wearing the Fitbit literally drives me to take one more walk of the day or one more run. It makes me want to not sit on the couch or office chair and type all day long. The Fitbit is one of the reasons I have started incorporating a morning walk into my week day routine. My goal is to reach 10,000 steps every day – and I have thought about raising my goal to 15,000 steps. (It would be much more of a challenge) But realistically, I’m not sure 15,000 steps is an obtainable goal most days that I am at work.

Yesterday I snapped a photo of my Fitbit at 8PM. I was so pleased with how many steps it was showing:


16,504 steps came mostly from my 45 minutes on the treadmill in the morning and then a 3.2 run in the afternoon. It really felt great having so many steps under my belt yesterday. By eight o’clock last night I could definitely feel that I had taken so many steps.

Now don’t get me wrong – my Fitbit will never replace my actual personal trainer. The Fitbit doesn’t yell at me (in the nicest way possible) and tell me to do 20 more burpees when it is the last thing in the world that I want to do. But if I look down at my Fitbit and see only 7,000 steps at the end of my work day – I know I am either going to the gym or for a run outside before I call it quits for the day. Because I just HAVE to reach that 10,000 step goal. If you are looking for a little added motivation in your day, I highly recommend checking out the Fitbit.

In other news – did you know that it is National Cereal Week? In honor of Cereal Week, I enjoyed a bowl of Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins with raspberries and a sprinkle of the remains of Go Lean Crunch. It was a great breakfast yesterday:

Image 31.jpg

But this morning’s breakfast really takes the cake. I have a new favorite Greek yogurt flavor:


That is correct. Chobani lime. I was a bit freaked out about this when I purchased it at the grocery store the other day. I really love lime – I think it is a great addition to so many recipes and meals. I knew that I liked lemon yogurt. But for some reason I was unsure about how lime yogurt might be. I snapped a photo, and then opened the container. I was freaked out by the lime green color of the yogurt, I must say! But it tasted wonderful and the citrus flavor worked so well with the yogurt, I was so surprised. As a general rule, I do dig Chobani’s 2% yogurts a lot, although I don’t eat them every day. I think the 2% adds an extra richness and it is almost decadent – even though it is only 3 – 4 grams of fat per serving, which is totally fine for a breakfast or a snack – especially when paired up with 13 grams of protein!

If you see this new Chobani flavor at your local grocery store, and you like lime already, do yourself a favor and pick one up to try. I hope you like it as much as I did. Happy Wednesday, blog readers.


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