Bringing Lunch To Work

Hi Blog Readers:
You might recall that I am a huge fan of bringing a healthy lunch to work. Sometimes it is just a salad with lots of greens, vegetables and occasionally some protein (grilled chicken?) and a nice slice of french bread. Other times it is leftovers from whatever I had for dinner the night before (in the winter I just love making a lot of soup and having my lunch taken care of for the next few days). I often do not have a choice at work – I either bring lunch to work, or struggle to find healthy but more importantly GOOD food to eat while at work. It’s not worth the struggle and search – I am always better off just thinking ahead, preparing the night before and bringing my own good food for lunch.

Here is a relatively recent column from my favorite food guy Mark Bittman. I thought you would enjoy reading his thoughts on bringing lunch to work. In my opinion, who cares if bringing to lunch is not hip? I love packing my lunch (most of the time) and I let myself feel like I am having a picnic while I type at my desk.

Click here for Mr. Bittman’s take on packing lunches.
Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Bringing Lunch To Work

  1. When I worked at the DOVA, I always packed my lunch. My coworkers got fast food almost every day but I loved my simple and healthy meals. Thank you for sharing the link to this article!

    1. All of my colleagues buy lunch, and I always have better food to eat 🙂 It’s so much effort to pack a lunch sometimes, but when I’m eating the lunch I always remind myself that it is so worth the time to pack ahead! 🙂

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