Running and a fruity reward

Hey All – I started feeling better tonight, and then I started feeling a bit lazy. So I decided to go for a quick run once it started to cool down tonight. Of course due to the move and the frickin’ boxes everywhere, I could not find either pair of my current running shoes (by…… Continue reading Running and a fruity reward

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I never knew Cassoulet could be so easy!

Hi everyone – Since I’ve been home, I have been trying to cook a larger meal on Sunday’s so that mom and I can have something ready for dinner for the first couple of days of the work week. It’s been working out really well so far. Yesterday afternoon I decided to tackle Jacques Pépin’s…… Continue reading I never knew Cassoulet could be so easy!


Jacques Pépin’s Sausage & Potato Packet

Hi Everyone: Happy Sunday afternoon. Yesterday I moved a lot of my stuff out of my old house into my new temporary residence – it was hot and not a lot of fun. 😦 But when my friend Tim met me in Rhode Island he came bearing a gift – a copy of Jacques Pépin’s…… Continue reading Jacques Pépin’s Sausage & Potato Packet

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A week of food

Hi All – I lugged my computer around with me everywhere this week in hopes I would find a few moments to write in the blog. It ends up I only had a few minutes and wrote about Sunday’s amazing dinner which was definitely a priority in getting out in to cyber world! So, here…… Continue reading A week of food

Cooking · Dinner

Sunday: A Night With Jacques Pepin – or Tim and Nicole…

On Sunday night my friends Tim and Nicole invited me over for a lovely dinner and the Pixar film Ratatouille. I arrived at 4:30 with a bottle of red wine to go with dinner. We started the film promptly so that we would have time to finish it and have a nice dinner on the…… Continue reading Sunday: A Night With Jacques Pepin – or Tim and Nicole…

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Monday: Heat, food, pool!

Hey All – I hope you’ve all had a great Monday, and if you are in the middle of a heat wave, I hope you are surviving! The key to surviving these oh so hot days is going to a pool after work… ah! So, last night I did prepare my breakfast and lunch for…… Continue reading Monday: Heat, food, pool!

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Hey All- After being away from the house for so many days, today has been a busy day! For the first time in over two weeks I went to bed last night without setting my alarm… what a nice feeling! I did not care how late I slept, but I am glad that I was…… Continue reading Sunday