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A week of food

Hi All –

I lugged my computer around with me everywhere this week in hopes I would find a few moments to write in the blog. It ends up I only had a few minutes and wrote about Sunday’s amazing dinner which was definitely a priority in getting out in to cyber world!

So, here is a recap of some of the rest of the food from this week. In case you don’t remember – this week was H-O-T in Boston, most of New England and I think a great deal of the country. It finally felt like summer – but wow. What a wake up call. With hot weather my appetite tends to go out the window. I struggle in steamy conditions and I do not mind going to work on the days when the humidity is super high and the temps are in the 90s…. on days like that it is even too hot for me to venture out to the beach.

Tuesday it was hot and steamy even at 8 o’clock in the morning. This called for an iced coffee from Au Bon Pain… which was amazingly refreshing and delivered just enough caffeine for me to start my day at work! I had not packed any food (because I think the temps had taken my hunger away quickly this week!) but I was so thrilled to find a Larabar in my work bag. This cinnamon roll bar was a wonderful breakfast and kept me full for hours. (I love Larabars specifically because they keep me full for so long!!)


I had not tried the Cinnamon Roll Larabar before and I must say it is one of my favorites! It had the perfect taste of cinnamon and the same wonderful consistency and flavor that you grow to expect from Larabar. I will definitely be getting this bar again.

Because I did not have my lunch packed, I had to walk to Au Bon Pain to get something to eat. It was sooo hot walking over there, but well worth it because their salad bar was pretty good on Tuesday.


I love it when ABP has their green beans – they are such a great addition to my usual salad. This one had chicken, half a hard boiled egg, broccoli, toasted red peppers, cucs, chick peas, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach. I loved this salad! I added a teaspoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of balsamic for dressing. I also had a piece of whole wheat bread on the side.   

I did not need an afternoon snack with this awesome salad which was nice. I decided to take the bus to South crutons Station instead of walking in the horrible heat / humidity – I wanted to get my walk in for the day, but I decided that skipping it was probably better for the body and would definitely make my train ride home more enjoyable!

When I got home my mom and I decided to go out to eat at a local Noodle place that has opened up in Providence relatively recently. I am sad to say that I forgot my camera – but here is a picture of the noodles from Wednesday’s lunch:


Noodles 102 is on 102 Ives Street in Providence. I loved this place and I cannot wait to go back. I had udon noodles with shrimp. I loved my dish! The noodles were fantastic with the scallions, corn, carrots, and amazing shrimp. I had at least six shrimp in my noodle bowl 🙂 Next time I am going to try the curry coconut broth which is one of my mom’s favorites – this time my noodles came in the traditional chicken broth.

We also had an order of Asian Cucumbers (some people think these are spicy – but I thought they were perfect!) and vegetable dumplings – which are quite substantial and wonderful, I had two!)

Wednesday for breakfast was a bowl of overnight oats


and lunch was left over noodles, pictured above 🙂 After lunch Katherine and I took a fifteen or twenty minute walk at work… it was too hot to walk longer than that 😦

Dinner was pizza at my friend Colleen’s and a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for dessert! It was cool enough to take a 35 minute walk in between pizza and ice cream which felt great. We watched a hilarious movie with Henry Fonda and Lucielle Ball – Yours Mine & Ours. I had never seen this movie before but it was fantastic and it made me laugh a lot which I definitely appreciated! If you’re in the movie for a funny movie from 1968 check it out!

OK, that about wraps up the middle two days of the week. I will be back with more soon. My friend Tim brought over a Library copy of Jacques Pepin: Fast Food My Way so I will be giving you all the recipe from Sunday night’s dinner shortly. But for now, check out the recipe for the Apriocot Clafoutis here. I cannot wait to make this one soon!!

Hope you’re all having a good weekend – see you soon!


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