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The last couple of days…

… have been crazy busy! Sometimes I feel like there are not enough hours in the day – and when the holiday season comes around, sometimes I don’t feel like I have nearly enough time to get everything done. But the last couple of days have been really fun. On Saturday my family ran in…… Continue reading The last couple of days…

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What a Day!

Wow. What a day I have had. I love when I am super busy at work, walking around, lifting things, climbing ladders, pulling boxes, and so on. I was only at my desk for maybe 45 minutes in my eight and a half hour work day! I had a quick lunch break, and I am…… Continue reading What a Day!

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Monday, packing lunch and starting the week

Hey All – I hope everyone is having a good start to their week.  I’m super excited for the soon to arrive long weekend – and that is what is going to get me through this super busy week at work! The one good thing about the week thus far (all two days of it!)…… Continue reading Monday, packing lunch and starting the week

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Thursday – probably the worst lunch ever!

Hey guys – So, Thursday was such a weird day!! I did not get around to posting a re-cap yesterday because when I got home from work and picking Ben up from work, I changed into my PJs and got right into bed at around 6:30 Thursday night!! I could not believe it – but…… Continue reading Thursday – probably the worst lunch ever!

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Wedneday – Hump Day!

Hey Guys – Happy Hump Day. Wednesday was quite a day in the Boston area – we were in the midst of yet ANOTHER winter storm! It started off with a lot of snow (a few inches) and gradually changed to ice and then to freezing rain. Ugh. Today would have been a great day…… Continue reading Wedneday – Hump Day!