Lunch · Workout

What a Day!

Wow. What a day I have had. I love when I am super busy at work, walking around, lifting things, climbing ladders, pulling boxes, and so on. I was only at my desk for maybe 45 minutes in my eight and a half hour work day! I had a quick lunch break, and I am sooo glad that I got in early and had a few minutes to enjoy my breakfast of oats, berries and Barney Butter. 🙂

Last night I somehow got the energy to pack a little bit of lunch…


Pacific butternut squash soup, more strawberries, a babybel cheese, and [unpictured] Stacey’s multigrain pita chips. It was a good lunch, but I am pretty sure I could have used more protein. Nothing new there, I guess. I might make a few hard boiled eggs next week and pack one every day for either breakfast or lunch. PROTEIN!

On Saturday, Danielle made brownies and brought a plate over to my house for my dinner party! I had made brownies, too so I had a lot of brownies at my house this week. I have definitely had a brownie in the evening after dinner on most nights this week. 😳 They were really good.

Today I brought Danielle’s plate of brownies to work. I knew that we were going to have a super busy and hectic day… and I thought the brownies would help!


I had a brownie at some point during the day. I packed the remaining one and a half brownies up and made my intern take them with her to the Red Sox game tonight!

My afternoon snack was going to be an apple and a Kashi peanut butter granola bar…. I did not eat the bar, but I enjoyed the apple.


I got to the gym a few minutes before my appointment with my trainer. I ran 1.5 miles to warm up, and then got to work with my PT. I have to say, it was such an amazing core and strength workout – I can feel it in my arms, legs and abs… yay! I hope I will be able to move tomorrow! 😉

I was a horrible food blogger tonight… after Boston Sports Club, I went over to the big Whole Foods. I was in the mood for ethnic food, and this WF has such an amazing ethnic food bar. I got a bit of Indian food and a bit of pad thai and two cold, veggie dumplings. Yum. I did not take a picture, but it was sooooo good. I really enjoyed it.

Alright y’all. Tomorrow is Friday – and I’m giving out an early TGIF! See you tomorrow.


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