I wanted to bake….

When I left for work today, I really was excited to come home and bake something tonight. I could not decide what to make. I was deciding between a ‘no kneed bread’ from Bittman, blueberry scones from America’s Test Kitchen or something I had yet to discover. First I had to get through my day at work.

I woke up totally feeling my workout last night! Instead of coffee this morning, I made a quick protein smoothie in my blender ball bottle. I used a little less than a scoop of Jay Robb’s whey protein powder (vanilla flavor) and a little less than a full scoop of Amazing Meal.

I love this bottle, and it is great to literally drink my breakfast in the car!


At 10:30 I had a Kashi peanut butter granola bar.


Umm. For lunch? I had a hamburger. I did not take a picture of it! The great thing about having a hamburger is that I was not hungry for the rest of the day… until I got home and snacked on seven peanut butter pretzels.

OK, so I got home from work at 5 o’clock this afternoon. The sun was still out, and I enjoyed a few moments on the deck with my lilac bush 🙂 I cut a couple of small blooms and put them into a bud vase:


Lilacs are my favorite flowers of all time. There is nothing like this fragrance. I am going to bring these into my room tonight, and I hope that I smell them as I fall asleep tonight. In all of the years I did not live at home, my dad used to always call me when the lilac bush in our backyard was in bloom. He would tell me to schedule a visit home, because he knew it was my favorite time of year. When I got home for my weekend visit, my dad would have a bunch of lilacs cut in a vase in my room. The entire room would smell like spring, and I enjoyed every second of it. I plan on spending a great deal of time outside tomorrow under the lilacs!

Back to my baking project. I spent yet more time leafing through my cookbooks. I decided against the scones, I would have had to go to the grocery store. A lot of the breads had to sit for a while, some up to 14 hours! I wanted instant gratification, so that was not going to work for me 😉

I remembered Tim telling me about a bread recipe out of this great book:


I went to my bookcase that holds most of my cookbooks, and looked through some of the recipes. It was then that I found the recipe for Tibetan flatbread. Unlike another one of Jacques’ breads in the book, this one did not have to sit 14 hours. The recipe was fantastically basic – I did not have to go to the grocery store!

I mixed up the batter…


Put olive oil in the bottom of my skillet… and poured the batter in:


I put a bit too much olive oil this time (there is a first time for everything, I think) Then I covered the skillet:


And then I totally forgot to take a photo of the bread when it was done. But I took a picture when two small pieces were on my plate…


It was fantastic. It went really well with the awesome salad I made tonight. Here is the way my kitchen looks when I am cooking or chopping:


Notice the always important tea in the midst of the food madness. 🙂

My salad at the end of the process:


It was great. On the salad: hard boiled egg, radishes, carrots, tomato, red pepper, lettuce from the farmer’s market (!) cucs, and a ginger dressing. I loved this salad. The flatbread was really wonderful with it, too.

Just one week until I hopefully get to meet Thomas Keller!! I am so excited.

I am enjoying my Friday evening. When I don’t fall asleep right after getting home from work on Fridays (which I definitely do sometimes out of pure exhaustion!) I just love Friday evenings even though I keep them pretty low key. I feel like I have the entire night ahead of me, and I don’t have to make lunches, rush to do laundry or dinner because I do not have to go to bed super early and I don’t have to wake up at 5:45 to go to work the next day. Friday nights are the best. You have the entire weekend ahead of you. Ahhh.

Ginger tea and a netflix movie is now on the agenda. See y’all tomorrow. Enjoy your Friday evening.


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