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What a day!

I think my Facebook status says it all, really. At 8:30 tonight I posted for the first time in two weeks or so on FB: Work, commute, gym, grocery store, made a quiche, made dinner, prepped salads & quiche, packed lunch – finally off my feet and watching Mad Men.Seriously. I’m exhausted. I was out…… Continue reading What a day!

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One More Day…

I can make it through one more day of work, right?? 🙂 Yes, I am pretty sure I can make it! Even though I really wish I had been on vacation this week, the work week has gone by pretty quickly. I sort of feel like I am plowing through the days, the commutes, the…… Continue reading One More Day…


Where did the Sunshine go??

Well, at least it stopped raining – for the moment. In case you are wondering it has been raining for the last four days straight. I’m ready for a little bit of sunshine. I was up early again this morning, at 5:45 and I got to work early, too. This whole morning thing and gloomy…… Continue reading Where did the Sunshine go??

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Indian Cuisine At Home

Hi All- I tried a new recipe tonight, and it produced a great meal of tandoori chicken! During my vacation I actually had time to watch and enjoy the Food Network, and this was definitely a recipe I wanted to try. I am happy to say that it was good, and it was fairly quick…… Continue reading Indian Cuisine At Home

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Busy Day…

Wow, today was a busy day. I woke up early this morning and made breakfast. A mixture of oatmeal and oat bran. I made the oats with milk and a little bit of water. I added cinnamon and vanilla and a super small pinch of salt. I added a bit of honey, cinnamon, peanut butter,…… Continue reading Busy Day…

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My Take on Bolognese…

Tonight’s dinner was inspired by a scene in Eat, Pray, Love. I just loved the scene when Liz Gilbert sits and dines al fresco in a cafe somewhere in Rome, Italy. They give her this amazing looking bowl of pasta and she has a lot of fun eating it. It looked divine. I had to…… Continue reading My Take on Bolognese…


A Fresh Lunch

I ended up having a simple piece of whole wheat toast for breakfast. I topped it with a bit of Teddie peanut butter and a smear of strawberry jam. It was wonderful, but not over all compelling. Lunch however, was a different story: Yesterday my mom and sister went to the beach in Southern Rhode…… Continue reading A Fresh Lunch


Two Years of Blogging

Hi All – I am having a hard time believing that my food blog is two years old! In some ways it went by rather quickly, and in other ways it seems like ages ago that I started the blog. I guess that is quite often the way of things. In two years I have…… Continue reading Two Years of Blogging

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A Healthier Tuna Melt, and a late afternoon snack

Hi All – Today I had my version of a ‘tuna melt’. I love tuna, tuna sandwiches and tuna melts especially. But I have to admit, they are not the healthiest sandwiches in the world – especially when you order one from a restaurant. A lot of mayonnaise is used to make a tuna salad…… Continue reading A Healthier Tuna Melt, and a late afternoon snack


Saturday morning:

Even though I stayed up really late last night blogging, reading and sort of watching a movie (Devil Wears Prada – such a fun movie!) I was able to wake up at a decent hour (8:45) this morning. But I did not have breakfast until 10 o’clock. Don’t get me wrong, I was hungry. I…… Continue reading Saturday morning: