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What a day!

I think my Facebook status says it all, really. At 8:30 tonight I posted for the first time in two weeks or so on FB:

Work, commute, gym, grocery store, made a quiche, made dinner, prepped salads & quiche, packed lunch – finally off my feet and watching Mad Men.

Seriously. I’m exhausted. I was out the door at 6:15 this morning and at my desk by 7:15 AM. Not too shabby for a Monday, I guess. For breakfast I ate a few Quaker Oat squares out of a snack sized baggie. Classy. You have no idea.
I had a super busy weekend, on Saturday a fun night celebrating my sister’s 30th birthday. On Sunday I slept a bit (got home at 1am the night before) and then helped my friend Tim cater his son’s first birthday, which was a lot of fun! But after getting home on the later side on Sunday, I did not have much in the house for a lunch on Monday. I certainly had no energy to think about it. So I did not bring anything for lunch on Monday.
Sometimes I have to not bring my lunch to remind myself how important it is to actually bring my lunch 🙂 Do you know what I mean? The lunch pickings were sort of slim… I bought this curry chicken salad for lunch:
photo-1.jpg I really like the curry chicken salad a lot. But the rest of my salad and veggies were soggy and gross. I was sad. I had to throw the rest of the lunch container (veg and all) away. It inspired me to bring my lunch for the rest of the week. 🙂
So, after work I drove to the gym. By this point my stomach was not happy with me. I was feeling bloated, gassy and I had abdominal cramps. Gross, right? (Could it have possibly been from my questionable chicken salad from lunch?) Even though… I passed the exit to my house, and kept going to the gym. I thought I could run through the pain….
I am pretty sure that sometimes you can run through pain when you get a small cramp during a run. However, I am not sure my thinking was right today. I could not run through this upset stomach. My run sucked. I did one mile. But I also did two miles on the bike. Then I called it a day with a big “whatever” shout out to the treadmill.
IMG_0180.JPG  Thankfully my friend and I had been on a nice two mile walk at lunch. So, a total of five miles of movement today, not too bad I guess.

After the gym I went over to the grocery store for a quick shop. I had a list:


The list really helped. I did not buy anything that was not on the list. Thankfully I remembered that there was fruit and yogurt at home. After the market (the list only came to $30 which was super exciting for me!) I went home and started making the quiche.


I diced and chopped onions and mushrooms, and sauteed them separately.


Three eggs, one and a half cups of whole milk, paprika, a pinch of salt, a good amount of freshly ground pepper, a pinch of cayenne (secret ingredient) and maybe a cup and a fourth of swiss cheese. It baked in the oven for 35 or so minutes at 350 degrees.

The quiche is for lunch this week, and I’m pairing it up with a salad. I prepped the salad tonight, cut pieces of quiche and packed my lunch. (Yogurt, peach, quiche, salad) I am also bringing a piece of quiche for my intern’s lunch tomorrow. Yes, she will be part of the moving craziness that is September 1st in Boston. She is having cereal for dinner tonight, so I am helping bulk up her lunch (of yogurt) with some quichie goodness.

Anyhow. I’m excited for lunch:


After prepping and packing lunch (Oh, I totally had dinner tonight – a veggie burger, I’m not even going into it!) I sort of rewarded myself with something rich and lovely. Two spoonfuls of this:


If you like caramel, look for this amazing ice cream. Just keep in mind it is ice cream (as in 14 grams of fat, 260 calories for 1/2 a cup – thus the two spoonfuls I enjoyed!) It is so worth it!!

I am off to read and then to sleep. I can’t wait to snooze. Happy Monday y’all. Stay tuned for Taco Tuesday… 😀


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