Breakfast · Lunch

Tuesday’s Fixins

Hi All –

I hope your weeks are all off to a strong start. Happy Hump Day! I’m a day behind in food, so just wanted to write a quick post and talk about lunch.

This week I made a quiche and had some really good fixins for lunch time salads. I love the combination of quiche and salad. Last week I was eating mostly veg for lunch, and I always found that I had both a lack of protein and was often hungry after the light meal.

Here is what my plate looked like yesterday afternoon:

It was great. I was not too hungry after, either. I am eating the same thing today for lunch. For breakfast I had a snack sized bag of Quaker Oat Squares. Best on the go breakfast!

Yesterday’s breakfast was this:

Half of an onion bagel. It was great!

Last night for dinner I made tacos.  The tacos had meat! Turkey filling with all of the great spices you need for awesome flavor… more to come in a bit!

See you tonight!


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