Hot Sauce…

Hi Everyone: Sorry that I have been away for a bit. Life is kind of stressful right now. I do not have too much to report – but last night’s dinner was quite good and super simple, so I thought I would share it with you. I got several food groups into this awesome mixture.…… Continue reading Hot Sauce…

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For the record…

I came straight home from work and did not go running or to the gym. I felt accomplished, which is sort of a weird thing to say. Instead I went right into the kitchen and started chopping up an onion. I unrolled a [pre-made – totally embarrassing] pie crust, and lined my pie dish with…… Continue reading For the record…

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Tuesday’s Fixins

Hi All – I hope your weeks are all off to a strong start. Happy Hump Day! I’m a day behind in food, so just wanted to write a quick post and talk about lunch. This week I made a quiche and had some really good fixins for lunch time salads. I love the combination…… Continue reading Tuesday’s Fixins

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What a day!

I think my Facebook status says it all, really. At 8:30 tonight I posted for the first time in two weeks or so on FB: Work, commute, gym, grocery store, made a quiche, made dinner, prepped salads & quiche, packed lunch – finally off my feet and watching Mad Men.Seriously. I’m exhausted. I was out…… Continue reading What a day!


Food is Love Part II

I’m back. Today I made a huge salad, a mushroom and onion quiche and homemade macaroni & cheese with tomato and basil. I got to the grocery store at 10:45 this morning, spent about half an hour shopping and started prepping and cooking at around 11:30 after studying some cookbooks and having a cup of…… Continue reading Food is Love Part II