Hot Sauce…

Hi Everyone:

Sorry that I have been away for a bit. Life is kind of stressful right now. I do not have too much to report – but last night’s dinner was quite good and super simple, so I thought I would share it with you.

I got several food groups into this awesome mixture. Brown rice, steamed broccoli and boiled chicken. I had a slice of sour dough bread on the side, toasted with a little butter. I put hot sauce over the brown rice and chicken. I am loving hot sauce these days.


After work today I went out for a drink with my sister. We had a glass of wine at one of our favorite French wine bars in the financial district. My sister was so sweet and treated me to our sister date – even more fun. I had a glass of Napa Valley pinot noir.

Breakfast and lunch was the same as it has been much of the week. Stonyfield yogurt, granola for breakfast. Lunch was another great salad and a small piece of quiche. My mom made a Parisian dinner of an omelette for dinner.

I am exhausted, and headed for bed. See you tomorrow.


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