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Running, cookies and lunch

I had a great run today in my new Brooks. 3.25 miles in 35 minutes, I was definitely going slowly and walked a couple of times, too. The exciting news is that I accomplished 3.25 miles in NEW SHOES and have no new blisters.

Sometimes I have trouble with ‘spring running’. Today it was 50 degrees outside and super windy. I had no idea what to wear. I started off with my running pants, a dri fit tee-shirt and my running jacket. About a mile into my run I was getting hot, so the rest of the run I had my jacket wrapped around my waist. For a second outdoor run in a row, I was running into the wind on my way back. Not cool.

After the jog I re-hydrated with the best coconut water I have found to date:


The first couple of times I tried coconut water I really disliked it. But I picked this container up at Whole Foods the other day, and I ‘enjoyed’ it as I drank it after my run. I also drank an entire water bottle full of water. I stretched for a few minutes at the trail and then went home to continue my cool down. I took a shower, prepared lunch and then iced my knees as I ate. [I am not having knee pain right now – the ice was simply a preemptive strike. I want to keep running without pain!]

Lunch was a great one. A slice of quiche (with hot sauce!) and a salad with red peppers, tomato, avocado, and cucumbers on mixed greens:


I was still hungry an hour later, so I had two handfuls of Annie’s cheddar bunnies – I love these things. I also had a tall glass of 1% milk which always does wonders for me when I’m in a snacky mood.

Later this afternoon I made banana oatmeal cookies with a recipe I found on Tina’s blog. These cookies turned out really well and I’ll be bringing a few with me to work tomorrow for my colleagues.

I tasted one. I loved them. They were fluffy and the banana flavor was wonderful – it really came through. Almost like an oaty banana bread. I will definitely make them again!


Anyhow. Hope your day is going well 🙂


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