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For the record…

I came straight home from work and did not go running or to the gym. I felt accomplished, which is sort of a weird thing to say. Instead I went right into the kitchen and started chopping up an onion. I unrolled a [pre-made – totally embarrassing] pie crust, and lined my pie dish with it. I sautéed the onions in a bit of unsalted butter. While that was going on I chopped up a few mushrooms. Once the onions were done cooking, I threw in the mushrooms.

I mixed together some light cream and 1% milk with three eggs and some freshly ground pepper and paprika. I shredded up a block of sharp, white cheddar cheese. Before I knew it I had the makings of an amazing quiche.

I sprinkled the cheese in the pie dish, added the mushrooms and onions and then added the egg, cream and milk mixture. The quiche cooked for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. (I checked on it after 25 minutes and then after another 15)

Mom and I had quiche for dinner. It was actually really good. Quiche is one of those things that I love, but I cannot have it all the time. I think it’s been about six months since the last quiche I made. I love that I don’t have to think about meals for the next two days.

Yesterday’s food was all pretty run of the mill except for the quiche. Breakfast – yogurt and granola. The saga continues – I finally had the correct yogurt this morning. Fruit on the bottom, low fat, blueberry which is my favorite, too.


It was hard to wait for lunch yesterday – but work being busy did not give me much of a choice, which I appreciated. Lunch was another salad – and yet another ingredient made a guest appearance. Avocado! Yum.

Spinach and mixed greens, red pepper, tomato, mushrooms, chicken, cucumbers, avocado, and the sesame and apple cider vinegar dressing. It was a great lunch. Yes, I had a slice of sour dough bread on the side. One of my colleagues mentioned yesterday


About an hour and a half or so after lunch I was still hungry. I ran back to the lunch table, quickly sliced up my apple (the one from the day before that I didn’t have a chance to eat!) and ate half of it with a bit of almond butter. I saved the other three slices for the drive home. It was a great snack in the car.

Dinner – the quiche. I seasoned mine with a couple of drips of hot sauce. Perfection.

Right now I am sitting at the Subaru dealer waiting for my car to get serviced. Thank goodness for Wi-Fi. 🙂 Hope you are having a good day – happy hump day!


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