Just for the record…

OK, just for the record: I do not come home every single night from work all excited and ready to cook. I’m not always bounding into the kitchen ready to create a new recipe and cook up a storm. Sometimes it’s all I can do to open up a can of soup and collapse on…… Continue reading Just for the record…

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October Weekends

I just love weekends in October. This October seems to be a bit more rainy than others I remember, but I am still doing a lot of fun autumn activities. This weekend we have focused on great food. Yesterday for lunch I was treated to a homemade open faced tuna melt – I loved it:…… Continue reading October Weekends

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A Trip To Trader Joe’s…

…really made my day super special today! Two weeks ago I found out that there was a new Trader Joe’s in town. For a lot of people this would be exciting news no matter what. Yes, so many of us love Trader Joe’s. But this new store and location was especially fantastic for me -…… Continue reading A Trip To Trader Joe’s…

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Friday AM Run

On Thursday night I knew I had to work late on Friday. I told my co-worker that I would be in ‘later in the morning’ on Friday. Usually I try to get to work before 7:30 AM. Today I was aiming to get in at 9:30 AM. My alarm still went off early – 6…… Continue reading Friday AM Run


The Day After…

Good morning, everyone! How is your morning going so far? Things here are pretty good. I am enjoying a day off – four day weekends are definitely the way to go! I love mornings when I do not have to rush because they are so rare. I slept in until 8:30 and now I am…… Continue reading The Day After…


A case of the blahs

Hi there everyone! How have your last few days been? My days have been ok. I have a case of the blahs right now which might be combining with a cold… I’m not quite sure yet. I woke up feeling very congested today which was not a welcome thing first thing on a Monday morning.…… Continue reading A case of the blahs

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Finally Friday

Wow. It is finally Friday. It has been a super long work week for me. But it was only a four day work week, thankfully. Even though I had long days, I am glad I only had four days to report to the office. 🙂 I was able to sleep until 7 o’clock this morning…… Continue reading Finally Friday