Potato Chips… and healthier stuff

Happy Sunday, everyone. Hope you are all having a great weekend. I had another good night of sleep, and I am feeling relaxed, which is soo nice. This morning I had a Trader Joe’s British muffin 🙂 with jam and peanut butter:


Along with a couple of mugs of TJ’s French roast coffee – so good!

I used the morning to search for some of my summer clothes in our large and over-used attic. It is where I store all of my off season clothes, and where the holiday decorations, etc live. There is soo much stuff up there it has taken me a couple of times to find the summer clothes I was looking for. Since I had already been up to the attic twice before looking for a certain box of clothes, I was beginning to worry that maybe the box was not up there! The idea was horrifying to me, as I had two Lilly Pulitzer skirts, Vineyard vines outfits and a ton of great tops for Banana Republic in this box. It had to be up there somewhere – I hoped.

Bingo! It was like Christmas in May when my mom found the box. (Sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes) It was so exciting to go through this:


Finally. I have put nearly everything away, and now I’m wearing one of my Vineyard Vines skirts 🙂

This afternoon I had a great salad (left from last night)… I added the rest of the bag of spinach, some dried cranberries and more candied nuts (these things are the best – they really add some great texture to a salad – my mom makes them in batches and then we have them for well over a week!) My salad was great. I also had a tablespoon of garlic hummus and a couple of thinly sliced pieces of french bread on the side:


I ate out on the deck, while reading my book.

Do you have a favorite junk food that you just love but try to stay away from?? I do. I probably have a lot of food that I love, but it is not healthy – so I try to avoid it. Today mom and I bought Lay’s potato chips. Holy Yum. We hardly ever buy potato chips and I cannot remember the last time I splurged like this (yes, I bought Chez Its last week – but for some reason in my head potato chips are soo much worse! Does that make them more enjoyable? Maybe.)

My splurge:


A little while after lunch I went back into the kitchen and put a handful of chips in a small snack bowl. I almost felt like I was at the beach, sitting out in the sun reading a book and snacking on potato chips. (I just love how the bag reads artificially flavored. At least they aren’t pulling any tricks on you!)

I am proud to say that mom and I went through an entire big bag (10 ounces?) of spinach this week. Lots of salads, sandwiches with spinach, etc. Here is the remainder of our bag:


We have another two (smaller) bags of spring mix and spinach to get through the week. I am developing a meal plan for the week, so there will not be unnecessary trips to the grocery store this week, I hope. Our Trader Joe’s shopping experience this week was very productive.

Mom and I are eagerly awaiting Mark’s return from a week long trip to Virginia, where he was visiting with his dad. Mom is making her now famous blueberry pudding for dessert and I am grilling a Trader Joe’s creation – pesto chicken. On the side we’ll have a great salad and some cous-cous. I am really excited for dinner!

See you tonight.


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