Brie and Pesto Chicken

Mark came to our house on Sunday after a long day of driving. I was excited to make dinner for him after his really long day of driving from Virginia. I had warm brie with apricot jam, crackers, french bread and cheese sticks waiting for him.


Mark helped me grill the pesto chicken. We had garlic and herb cous cous and a big garden salad on the side. Here is what my plate looked like:


I love having a charcoal grille. Everything is better on the grille, I think. A few of my friends have gas grilles, and they all comment on the fact that these grilles are just not the same. They all love grilled hamburgers at my house a lot better 🙂

I really loved this dinner – it was very summery.

Mark brought me the most beautiful flowers on Sunday:


I just love sunflowers!! (And all flowers, of course) Flowers just make my day and definitely made me even happier on Sunday. 🙂

The last couple of days have just been crazy at work. I got home at 5:15 this afternoon, and went straight to bed. I was sooooo wiped out from stress (and exhaustion?) I slept until 9 o’clock. Oops. I am going to bed again in just a few minutes. I hope I can sleep – I’m still feeling tired, so hopefully I will be able to.

I will re-cap food for the day tomorrow. We are planning a lovely night of air conditioners and dinner tomorrow – stay tuned! (Mark is in charge of the air conditioners and I’m in charge of dinner. I like how that works!)

PS: dinner tonight was Go Lean Kashi crunch cereal. It really hit the spot.


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