Bringing Lunch To Work

Hi Blog Readers: You might recall that I am a huge fan of bringing a healthy lunch to work. Sometimes it is just a salad with lots of greens, vegetables and occasionally some protein (grilled chicken?) and a nice slice of french bread. Other times it is leftovers from whatever I had for dinner the…… Continue reading Bringing Lunch To Work

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Bittman to the Rescue

I don’t know about you – but I have been close to melting this week. It has beensohot and humid and it feels so early in the season to be dealing with such weather… Thankfully Mark Bittman came to the rescue (as he so often does) with 12 recipes for different vichyssoise – always a…… Continue reading Bittman to the Rescue


Sunday Night’s Roast Chicken

Hi everyone: So, we have to rewind a little bit to Sunday evening and the weekend in general, I guess. As you already know, mom and I cooked some amazing Bittman beef and bean chili on Friday night – it was quite spectacular and I had a small bowl of it for a late lunch…… Continue reading Sunday Night’s Roast Chicken



Happy Friday evening, everyone!! Tonight I was just about to take a long nap when my mom started cooking chili. Mark Bittman came to the rescue (again) and this chili recipe gave me some energy to stay up a little bit longer. The recipe came from Bittman’s book Kitchen Express which I really like a…… Continue reading Chili

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Monday Morning

Good morning everyone! Most of the time I talk about how much I hate Mondays. But I have to tell you that in some ways I also like Mondays – I see it as a fresh start to the week. Last night as I was getting home from a long weekend away with AFM, I…… Continue reading Monday Morning


A Great Lunch…

Wow, today’s lunch made it worth the hour and a half I spent in the kitchen last night! During that hour and a half I did the following: Made Mark Bittman’s pasta fagioli soup (one of my favorite winter meals!) (This includes chopping onions [and crying of course], a couple of cloves of garlic, parsley,…… Continue reading A Great Lunch…


Sunday Morning…

I really love the weekend. I especially love Sunday mornings. Coffee, the Sunday paper, some sort of great breakfast or brunch, and Meet the Press. Can life get any better? (Ok, I’m only exaggerating a little bit here!) This weekend has been very busy, on Friday and Saturday I had a lot of fun hanging…… Continue reading Sunday Morning…


One Salad a Day

I have read more than once that Mark Bittman recommends eating at least one salad a day. I love this advice and I try to follow it (and recommend it myself to others!) as best that I can. I have been eating one salad a day all week, usually a big one for lunch. Today…… Continue reading One Salad a Day


Leeks and Potatoes

I woke up today with no plan. I had nothing to do. Having nothing to do over the past few weeks is part of my routine. I am only three weeks recovered from surgery, and my doctors want me to spend six weeks ‘recovering’. This means I have to take it easy. For me, that…… Continue reading Leeks and Potatoes


Final Product…

Well, the final product was a hit: Everyone loved the bread pudding. It was not too sweet (when I prepped the dish, I put in a bit less than the 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar that the recipe called for). I thought the combination of the sugar and the bananas was going to make…… Continue reading Final Product…