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Monday Morning

Good morning everyone!

Most of the time I talk about how much I hate Mondays. But I have to tell you that in some ways I also like Mondays – I see it as a fresh start to the week.

Last night as I was getting home from a long weekend away with AFM, I did not take the time to pre-set the coffee for Monday morning. I did not have cream, milk or any food in the house so it did not seem to make much sense.

That made this morning a little hard. I snoozed for twenty minutes and finally got out of bed. I have a hunch that if I had coffee brewing downstairs it might have been a little bit easier to get up this morning – maybe? I showered, dressed, and got ready for work. Because I had no food I found an apple and a can of vegetable soup and threw both into my purse for lunch.

I really wanted to stop at the coffee shop for a muffin and a coffee. Thankfully two things were working against me on this.

1. I didn’t want to waste the ten minutes in line and ordering

2. I wanted to start Monday off on the right foot with a healthy breakfast and I knew I had a packet of plain instant oatmeal at the office. If only I could make it until then.

So, I skipped the coffee shop (and sadly the coffee!) and pressed on. I made it to work. I had my oatmeal with a small scoop of peanut butter and a cup of coffee.

I’m starting my week off on the right foot.  As I was driving to work this morning I thought about my goals for the upcoming winter. More on this tonight, I promise.

Mark Bittman has a great piece on broccoli rabe which might just inspire my dinner tonight. Click here to check it out (and make sure to watch the video too).

Happy Monday, everyone!


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