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Week in Rewind

Well bloggies, I’m behind but writing a few catch up entries 🙂 Breakfast this week was switched up a few times. Oatmeal, scone, yogurt, Larabar, etc. It was a great week for breakfast, since I usually eat the same thing every single day. Here is a photographic re-cap: Quaker Low Sugar Instant Oatmeal Cranberry Scone…… Continue reading Week in Rewind


A Surprise Scone

There is nothing like a surprise breakfast treat waiting for you when you get to your office. This has possibly happened to me a few times in my professional life and it always makes my day – I cannot even tell you how happy I am when this sort of thing happens. On Tuesday when…… Continue reading A Surprise Scone


A Dinner with Mike and Meg!

Hi Bloggies – I honestly do not know where to begin, because I am sort of behind in the blog. This week, or should I say the last couple of weeks have been super busy and I just have not had as much time as I would like to update the Blog. But this is…… Continue reading A Dinner with Mike and Meg!

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Monday – a fresh start!

Hi there readers – I hope your Monday got your week off to a good start! I must say that I love the Olympics and they are getting the better of me these days! For two weeks I figure I will stay up later than normal to watch all of the skating and skiing NBC…… Continue reading Monday – a fresh start!

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An Evening of Homemade Pasta and Crumble

Hey All – Saturday night was an evening of culinary goodness! Mark and I went over to Danielle and Jesse’s for a fun evening. Danielle decided that we should make homemade pasta – and of course I was totally excited to help her! Danielle has taken a class in pasta making at Johnson & Wales…… Continue reading An Evening of Homemade Pasta and Crumble


Chicken Fest 2010

Hi Readers – Well, it’s been days since my last post. What have I been up to? I was able to get a couple of runs in, I have been watching the Olympics (I live for the Olympics, FYI) and of course I have been super busy working, commuting and thankfully – cooking! Monday was…… Continue reading Chicken Fest 2010


Tuesday – Part I

Hi Bloggies – Just a quick post while I’m having lunch.  A few more thoughts about what a productive day I had yesterday and some other ideas of what worked and how I was able to get to the gym on a Monday. A lot of you know that I do not love Mondays.  It…… Continue reading Tuesday – Part I