Tuesday – Part I

Hi Bloggies –

Just a quick post while I’m having lunch.  A few more thoughts about what a productive day I had yesterday and some other ideas of what worked and how I was able to get to the gym on a Monday.

A lot of you know that I do not love Mondays.  It is the start of a long week, plus a lot of times I can have a hard time getting to sleep on Sundays making it harder to get up nice and early on a Monday. I am doing my best to put all of that stuff behind me – I am looking at Mondays as a new, fresh start to my week – and what better way to wrap up a Monday than by working out?

So, I got home around 5:30 last night (not bad at all commute wise!) I threw a load of laundry into the wash, made myself a snack, and got changed for the gym. Normally I bring my workout clothes with me to the office, but I had forgotten them at home Monday…

One of the most important things about my successful work out on Monday was my snack. One tablespoon of Barney Butter on a piece of Arnold’s Double Protein bread. Wow – that really worked wonders! It is so hard to go to the gym and have a good work out when you are starving. I was able to have dinner at 7:45 because of this awesome snack!

I went into the workout with a plan. Do just a little bit of cardio to warm up, and then focus on strength training since that is what I have been neglecting for a few weeks now.  That really mixed up my workout well. I went into BSC having the idea that I would do 20 minutes on the elliptical first, then do weights and then run a mile as a cool down. Well, the gym was crowded – no ellipticals to be had, but there were four treadmills open… so I readjusted and did my run first, then weights. I did not beat myself up for not having the desire to do elliptical after, especially since I had been at the gym for nearly an hour and I had enjoyed a twenty minute walk at lunch time.  I was just glad that I got to the gym at all!

Last night I stayed up way too late again. I started reading a new book and was up past midnight. That meant not getting up quite as early as I had intended to catch the early train (6:42 AM!) Instead I slept an extra half an hour (my body deserved it, I told myself) and took the 7:24 train with my friend Tim. I got to the office by 8:30 and enjoyed a bowl of Kashi Go Lean hot whole grain cereal for breakfast… more on lunch later tonight.

I am getting home late tonight, taking the 5:40 train, so getting home around 6:45 – 6:50. I will do everything in my p0wer to get to the gym. My goal tonight – 30 minutes on the elliptical and strength training for my arms. Let’s hope I can stick to the plan! I have to remind myself how much better I feel when I actually get to the gym.  😀

See you tonight for a lunch, dinner and exercise recap!


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