Switching it Up

Hi All-

Last week I switched my hair shampoo and conditioner – and is is making a huge difference in my hair, and I am loving it. Switching the shampoo, etc. got me to thinking about other things that might need switching up in my life.

Last week I only got to the gym once. Grr. I felt so horrible about this, but there were extenuating circumstances which always have to been taken into consideration. But this week I decided to switch up my workout routine.

The first step was to make exercise a priority for this week. That means getting up and getting to work earlier. This also means that motivating myself to get to the gym, even if I am really tired after a long commute and long day at the office.

One thing I had been doing for a while is letting myself skip Monday workouts at the gym. I really hate Mondays at the gym…. but today I went to the gym. It was crowded, but not all that bad. I did 17 minutes of a warm up on the treadmill (running mostly, 3 minutes of walking total). After the treadmill, I really needed to get some weights into my workout. I did half an hour minutes of weights for a total of 47 minutes at the gym. Not bad! I also had a great 20 minute walk at lunch today with Katherine. I was so happy to get outside and get some sunshine onto my face. I cannot wait for spring!

I am hoping to get to the gym again tomorrow because we are expecting a pretty big snow storm on Wednesday, so that might be my day off from working out… or perhaps an evening of yoga at home after a long commute!

I’ll see you tomorrow – hope everyone’s week is off to a good start.


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