Oh Eggs! A Product Review of Egg-Land’s Best Eggs

Hi Blog Readers:

One of the cool benefits of being a FoodBuzz Featured Publisher is that every so often I receive food to taste, cook with and review for you! Last week I received a coupon from FoodBuzz and Egg-Land’s Best Eggs.

This was especially exciting for me because I love cooking with eggs… I love omelettes! I love egg sandwiches! Breakfast burritos… there are so many ways to make eggs! I have to say I do not usually buy Egg-Land’s Best because they are a little bit pricey, when compared to other eggs at the market. But I know that they are the best. The chicken they raise are on a strictly vegetarian diet, which I think is great. The eggs from Egg-Land’s Best have less saturated fat (yay!) The best part (I think) is that Egg-Land’s Best eggs have less cholesterol than traditional eggs (Egg-Land egg: 175 mg cholesterol; Traditional Egg: 213 mg cholesterol). Eggs are really high in important vitamins, too. They are a relatively cheap and easy way to get protein into your diet (who needs red meat!?)

Tonight I opened my coveted carton of eggs:


I mixed one egg in a small bowl:


Added garlic powder, a pinch of salt, a few cranks of freshly ground pepper. First I sauteed a handful of spinach. I removed the spinach and then added my spiced up egg. Final product on a whole wheat wrap with a palmful of light Mexican cheese, a a teaspoon (?) of ketchup and a splash of hot sauce:


On the side of breakfast burrito for dinner I had about half a cup of my homemade coleslaw (Bittman!!) I love this coleslaw and on top of that, my mom read an article yesterday that said cabbage is a super healthy food. Yum.



It all turned out really well, and it was a healthy dinner. I loved it and I really like Egg-land’s Best Eggs.


2 thoughts on “Oh Eggs! A Product Review of Egg-Land’s Best Eggs

  1. Hooray for Eggland’s Best Eggs! That is the only kind I will buy. Glad to know there is a GOOD reason that I only use this kind of egg. I have never had a bad one in a dozen as I have in the usual store brands.

  2. I uesd to live on a farm that rased chickens to produce eggs for sale in town. As far as I know chickens are not meat eaters and fed chicken feed from the farm store. So I have no clue, short of crawling up a chicken’s butt to see what is going on in there. I think some one bought a stamp that says EB stamped all the eggs in a carton and is selling them at a premium price. I still live in the country and purchase eggs off the farm when possible, from the Amish community that is organic as it gets around here. still a buck a dozen to.

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