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Hi there bloggies. Well, I survived the day! I did feel a bit more rested today. I was planning on taking the super early train this morning which leaves at 6:16 AM. But somehow I was ready to leave the house by 5:50 this morning (what!?). So, I decided since I was ready to leave,…… Continue reading H.O.T.



So, the question of the day is how do you know when your body has had too much and it is time for a rest? I always struggle with this question. Most of the time I am tired after a long day of waking up early (5:30 AM) and a long work day. But at…… Continue reading Dinner


When is it time for a break?

Happy Tuesday night, everyone! Well, today’s post title might say it all. I am giving myself a break tonight. For the past three weeks I have been on the run every night and every weekend. Today I was cranky, tired, hungry and sort of displeased overall. So when I hit a massive traffic jam on…… Continue reading When is it time for a break?

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Hey All: I finished the BAA 10K and had a great time running it. I am so proud of my first ever Boston Athletic Association medal – I snapped a shot of me and my medal shortly after the race: One day I hope to add a couple more BAA medals to my collection… definitely…… Continue reading BAA 10K

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Rain, rain go away.

It seems like it has been raining for days. In truth, I think it has only been raining since Tuesday – but today is Friday, and I would really like the rain to stop. One of my friends is getting married tomorrow and I would like it to be a nice day for her. I…… Continue reading Rain, rain go away.

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Happy Hump Day

Hey everyone. Happy Hump Day. Is your week going by quickly? The jury is still out for me. I’m not sure how I feel about this week, but I am definitely being productive.  Sunday I ran 3 1/2 miles, Monday I was on the elliptical for 40 minutes and four miles and yesterday I ran…… Continue reading Happy Hump Day


Panzanella Salad

Lunch was such a success. Thank goodness for portion control because I would have eaten another entire container of this salad if I had it! This is definitely a new favorite. I thought I would have enough for a couple of lunches, but by the time mom and I had our dinner last night and…… Continue reading Panzanella Salad

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Looking forward to lunch…

Yesterday was a long day. I took the train to work, which gets me home from work at 6pm instead of 4:30.  It is a trade off – because I enjoy my time on the train (reading or taking a nap or hanging out with my friend Tim who also takes the train to work). …… Continue reading Looking forward to lunch…


Weekend Re-Cap

This past week was so busy. I had things going on after long days at work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. By the time Friday rolled around I was excited for a low key weekend. I was looking forward to getting home, having dinner and going to bed early with my new book The Greater…… Continue reading Weekend Re-Cap


Catch up

So, it’s been a crazy week and I plan to play catch up with the blog this weekend. I had things to do Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Thursday night which left little time for exercise or blogging.  Thankfully I am getting back on track by taking a run right after work – as long…… Continue reading Catch up