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Hi there bloggies.

Well, I survived the day! I did feel a bit more rested today. I was planning on taking the super early train this morning which leaves at 6:16 AM. But somehow I was ready to leave the house by 5:50 this morning (what!?). So, I decided since I was ready to leave, I would just drive to work. I got to my desk at 6:50 this morning. I could not believe it!

Instead of a smoothie this morning, I had a special treat – a ginger scone from my favorite bakery, Seven Stars. It really was wonderful at 7:30 this morning!


Probably because I was up so early this morning, I needed a mid morning snack. Thankfully I had packed something that would be easy to eat while I had a busy work day. Last night I had filled a little container with peanuts, almonds, dried cranberries, raisins and a few semi dark chocolate chips. The snack held me over until 12:30 when I had lunch:


Another great sandwich. Today’s turkey sandwich was on a sandwich thin, with spinach, tomatoes, red onions, dijon mustard and a little bit of hummus. It was a great combination. I also snacked on a few baby carrots.

My afternoon snack was a yogurt:


Because I got to work so early this morning, I was able to leave ‘early’ (after working over an 8 1/2 hour day of course!) at 3:30. Thankfully I did not hit much traffic, and I got to the gym a few minutes after 4:30. I took my time getting ready for my run. It was such a nice feeling getting to the gym so early, and not feeling like I had to rush to get everything finished. I really enjoyed my pre-run time.

The only thing I can say about the run is that it was H-O-T. It was about 88 degrees when I got to the gym, thankfully when I hit the road at 5 o’clock there was a little bit of shade. But still. It was hard. I think I am having a post – race let down or something..? But I survived a 4 3/4 mile run, jog and walk combination 🙂 I brought water with me, and it turned warm in about ten minutes. The air quality was poor, and there was a lot of traffic on the East Side today. I hated smelling and breathing the car fumes. So gross.

Anyhow. I did the run. I survived. It was hot. I was excited to get out and get some running done after two days off. I felt great on my way home today – I love the post – run high. After I got home I stretched, concentrating especially on my hip which is still a little sore. Thankfully I have learned some great hip stretches lately, and they have really helped.

Dinner was in two courses. The first course was a light smoothie. This smoothie had a lot of ice in it (it’s all about re-hydrating after a hot run). It also had a small banana, 1/2 cup of plain non fat yogurt, 1 cup of light soy milk, 1 small handful of blueberries and one scoop of protein powder. Mom split the smoothie with me.



An hour later I had a second course. A slice of pizza – we still have left overs from The Pizza Gourmet! Yum.

Ok, that is enough from me. I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Happy Hump Day!


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