So, the question of the day is how do you know when your body has had too much and it is time for a rest? I always struggle with this question. Most of the time I am tired after a long day of waking up early (5:30 AM) and a long work day. But at the same time, on most days I am driven and I head right to the gym to change and either work out or hit the trails for a post – work run. Could I have done it tonight? I think so. But for some reason I opted for a day of rest. I hope I feel the benefits of it tomorrow!

Thankfully one of my running buddies talked to me tonight and told me that Kara Goucher (one of my running heros!) would have totally agreed with me in taking a day off from my hardcore schedule. 🙂 Thanks, Nichole!

Right now I am catching up with one of my favorite food shows – The Next Food Network Star. I love it when my day of rest and a tv show that I love coincide. Especially since I do not watch much television. After this is over I am going to pack my lunch and then head upstairs to get ready for my work day tomorrow and get into bed with the book I am reading now, The Greater Journey. On most nights I start reading around 10 o’clock and read about five pages before I fall asleep. I would love to get a good half hour or more of reading in tonight.

Dinner tonight was pretty fabulous. I love leftover pizza – especially when it is from The Pizza Gourmet in Providence! Last night we had a great dinner with close family friends. There were three different types of pizza last night and an amazing salad. I sort of re-created the dinner again tonight. I made a spinach salad with carrots, red peppers, tomatoes, scallions and couple of sliced almonds. I had two pieces of pizza, too.


One piece of cheese and one piece of sausage. My mom had steak for dinner and she made me have a bite because she thinks my iron level might be low, since I hardly ever eat red meat. Funny – Ned said the same thing to me today. So, I had a bite of steak.

Ok, I am off. See you tomorrow!


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