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Sunday – salads for dinner

Hey All – Another weekend has flown by 😦  It is amazing that it was sooo cloudy all day here, but we never had rain. It was definitely a good thing! A while after having my smoothie, I went for a 2.3 mile run around my neighborhood. While it was cloudy, and I thought it…… Continue reading Sunday – salads for dinner


Green Super Food Smoothie!

Happy Sunday morning, everyone!  I woke up this morning really excited for a smoothie.  Last weekend when my sister and I were at Whole Foods, I was really happy to find some sample packets of Amazing Grass Green Super Foods for sale. It was going to be a huge commitment for me to buy a…… Continue reading Green Super Food Smoothie!


Saturday Night – Saland & Gelato!

Hi All: Saturday night was very fun. Ann came over at around 5:30 and we had a great time catching up and drinking vanilla sparkling water – yum. It was so refreshing because it was a little hot up on the second & third floor (which is where I live!)  After about an hour of…… Continue reading Saturday Night – Saland & Gelato!


Friday night

In my earlier post I totally forgot to mention what I had for dinner last night! I ate late, my awesome snack of hummus, pita chips and carrots really held me over nicely! I feel so lame reporting my dinner, but it was my old stand by: Trader Joe’s pot stickers, steamed broccoli and brown…… Continue reading Friday night

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Volunteering on Saturday

Hi All – I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend…. it sure was great to see the SUN here in Boston!  It was sunny this morning when I woke up at 8 o’clock and it was sunny most of the afternoon… I’m hearing thunder in the distance right now, so I think some storms…… Continue reading Volunteering on Saturday

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TGIF – Food Plan Out the Window!

Hey all – TGIF! Happy Friday evening everyone! 🙂 I had a crazy food day today! Being a careful and healthy eater most of the time (I do try) occasionally I have days when my food plan gets thrown overboard. Today was one of those days!!  This morning my sister was nice enough to warm…… Continue reading TGIF – Food Plan Out the Window!

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Hello friends & readers 🙂 Happy Thursday to everyone!  I think this week has gone by pretty quickly. I was so happy to see the sun for at least part of the day today! What a difference it made. I was totally lame when it came to getting up this morning. I finally got up…… Continue reading Thursday

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Wednesday – a new do!

Hi Guys – Well, the haircut is a success, at least so far… My hair always looks great when I leave the salon because my stylist Erin is awesome! She took a few minutes before getting started this afternoon to look through some pictures with me and discuss what the plan was. I’m glad that…… Continue reading Wednesday – a new do!


Wednesday – Haircut?

Hi all. I hope everyone is having a productive Hump Day. This is my first post via my iPhone… so we’ll see how it goes. Tonight I am going to get my hair cut. I am a little nervous about this because it could be a bit drastic. Keep your fingers crossed that it works…… Continue reading Wednesday – Haircut?


Tuesday… the blog is back (sort of)

Hey All – I feel like I’ve been away for days… and there was a good reason.  On Sunday afternoon I donated my very old iBook G4 (Mac laptop from the early 2000s!) to a good cause – my sister! She has never owned her own computer (what!?) so when I decided that I needed…… Continue reading Tuesday… the blog is back (sort of)