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TGIF – Food Plan Out the Window!

Hey all – TGIF! Happy Friday evening everyone! 🙂

I had a crazy food day today! Being a careful and healthy eater most of the time (I do try) occasionally I have days when my food plan gets thrown overboard. Today was one of those days!!  This morning my sister was nice enough to warm one of my mom’s homemade blueberry muffins in the oven for me. It was lovely. I enjoyed it with a small glass of orange juice before heading to the doctor’s appointment.

As I was getting on the road to head back to Boston, I realized that my lunch bag was sitting at my mom’s house. Meh! In the bag was my food for the rest of the day… a banana, a peach and a LaraBar (ginger snap flavor!!) My Sigg bottle was also in the bag. Sigh.

I stopped at Tim Horton’s for a medium iced coffee, vanilla flavor with milk and no sugar. It really hit the spot!  It was really nice to have hot and sunny weather this morning, it was definitely humid, too. The perfect weather for iced coffee:

I got to work at 11:30 due to lovely Boston traffic! 😦  Because of my late arrival, I did not go for my normal lunch walk. I had a late lunch at my desk, before an afternoon meeting. Because I had left all of my awesome food at home, I settled for chicken tortilla soup from the caf. I actually love this soup, but I think it is probably high in sodium. But for an occasional lunch, I think it is ok.

The soup was nice and spicy!

By 3:30 I was tired, hungry and wishing I could go home. I was really wishing that I had my fruit to snack on. Instead I had to check out and see what our vending machines had for a semi-healthy afternoon snack 😦 Luckily I was able to snag some animal crackers!  The bag was actually two servings… but I did not have one serving. I ate the whole bag. It was 240 calories and only 3 grams of fat.

Yum – animal crackers!

I left work at 5 o’clock and sat in traffic for a while. I got home a little later than normal, and helped Ben pack up for his short trip to New York. After Ben left, I made myself a healthier snack. Carrot sticks, white bean & basil hummus and pita chips with a glass of cranberry sparkling water. It was so refreshing!


I am not sure what I will be having for dinner.

The great news to report is that I am registered for the Healthy Living Summit that is being held in Boston this August. The registration spots sold out in 15 minutes – I am so glad that I got a spot in the conference! I cannot wait to attend and report back to my blog readers! 🙂

OK – have a great Friday and a great weekend. I will be posting through out the weekend, so check back when you can.  See ya’ll soon!!


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