Grilled Cheese

This week is so busy with work stuff, but the nice thing about being busy with work is that the week goes by pretty quickly.  In some ways it does not feel like Tuesday night, but at the same time I am sort of exhausted. Anyhow, back to the rest of the day… After lunch…… Continue reading Grilled Cheese

Lunch · Running

Post – Race Sunday

The day after a race can be so weird sometimes. I woke up this morning and I felt like I did not have a goal for the first time in a while. But I laced up my new running shoes and hit the road for a really quick, easy two mile run. I actually ran…… Continue reading Post – Race Sunday



I have to tell you – nothing beats half a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich! I am so glad that I did not cancel my lunch with my friend Mary Alice. The moment I walked in to my favorite restaurant, I started feeling better. In all of my years, I had never noticed that Red…… Continue reading Lunch


Food Filled Holiday…

I had such a food filled holiday on Thursday… and it was not even Thanksgiving yet! On Thursday afternoon, my friend Jane drove down from Boston to see my new home. After the tour, I took her to lunch at one of my favorite places to celebrate her birthday (a couple of weeks belated). Jane…… Continue reading Food Filled Holiday…


Red Stripe in Providence, RI

Last Sunday Ben, Nicole, Dwaine, Annie, my mom and I went to my favorite restaurant in Providence. Red Stripe is most known for their grilled cheese (with pear, pesto and prosciutto!!) but all of their food is Fantastic. If you are ever in Providence, Rhod Island I suggest taking some time to find Red Stripe…… Continue reading Red Stripe in Providence, RI

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How can it be Thursday alraedy!?

Honestly, I am not sure where this week has gone! I have not posted since Nicole’s guest post on Sunday, what a shame. I must admit that my 1500 calorie days are not making for the most earth shattering meals to report, but there are definitely things to blog about. I promise to be back…… Continue reading How can it be Thursday alraedy!?