Grilled Cheese

This week is so busy with work stuff, but the nice thing about being busy with work is that the week goes by pretty quickly.  In some ways it does not feel like Tuesday night, but at the same time I am sort of exhausted.

Anyhow, back to the rest of the day…

After lunch I was still hungry. But it was not until 2 o’clock that I realized how hungry I really was. I had an odd craving – for a cookie. I actually asked a couple of my work friends if they had seen any cookies floating around the building (we have a weird tenancy of having random baked goods all around our building on a fairly regular basis).  But of course  –  when you are actually looking for a cookie, there are none to be found.  Even the caf in our building has stopped selling cookies. I almost walked down to the university on our same ‘campus’ to the coffee shop down there for a cookie.

But instead, I got a grip, and ate a Greek yogurt:

Can I just tell you that I cannot stand pomegranate yogurt of any kind? It is disgusting.  I ate around the pomegranate seeds.  The 14 grams of protein definitely cured me of my hunger for a little while.

By four o’clock I started getting a headache, and I had been drinking water all day so I knew it was not dehydration. I had a Kashi granola bar and the headache went away.  I guess that my lunch was a bit smaller than I am used to these days.

My friend Katie came home with me today because we have an all day training session on caring for paintings tomorrow at another museum.  We are going to travel together to the museum in the morning for the session.

When I got home I had a package waiting at the door.  One of my favorite products in the entire world. Does anyone out there have a love of Bumble and Bumble or is it just me!? I cannot resist it – and I have been using this amazing stuff for YEARS (since 2001 actually).  I was so happy to see this package of stuff tonight:

I can’t wait to try my new products out soon.

Once we got home, mom, Katie and I headed out to the East Side of Providence to stop into a few of our favorite shops and go out to dinner. We ended up eating at Red Stripe, one of my favorite spots – it sort of reminds me of a little French bistro.

I ordered a glass of pinot noir and enjoyed my usual. The Red Stripe grilled cheese and a tomato soup. I was going to order the mixed greens as a substitute for the soup since i had already enjoyed pumpkin soup for lunch. But it was cold and raining outside, and tomato soup sounded much more appetizing, if I am being honest.

The grilled cheese is one of the most amazing sandwiches around. There is poached pear, prosciutto, and basil. The tomato soup is spice and comes with a garnish of crème fraiche and basil. So. Good.

After dinner we walked around, and I went to the market to get some food for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow’s lunch will be a challenge – we have to bring our lunch for the seminar tomorrow – but no fridge to keep things cold. No salads, no yogurts. So, I am bringing an apple, peanut butter and jam and a granola bar.

Ok, time to head for bed and hopefully get a little bit of reading done before I crash. See you tomorrow!



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