First neighborhood “hike” stats

Hey All – I just used the Map My Run app to map my neighborhood hike. It was 3.38 miles! What a good start to my training. It took me just under an hour to walk this. I was averaging just under a 15 minute mile. Not bad!

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Spring is coming… and food of the day

Hi All – Happy almost spring! The first day of spring is actually on Friday, but I’m celebrating a few days early. Today after work I went for a great walk in my hiking boots. I walked for just over an hour and burned 436 calories (who would have thought you could burn that many…… Continue reading Spring is coming… and food of the day

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Happy Monday

Hey All – Well, it’s Monday again 🙂  I had a pretty good start to the week. I packed a great couple of meals for work. I started the day off around 7 o’clock this morning. I had a quick five ounces of Calcium and Vitamin D fortified orange juice to get me on my…… Continue reading Happy Monday

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Tuesday – No Plastic Baggies for Lunch!

Ok – one thing I am super bad at is packing parts of my lunch in plastic bags. Ugh. I hate using plastic bags because I know they are horrible for the environment. So, Monday night I took out some of my re-usable containers and packed my lunch using them instead of plastic bags. :)…… Continue reading Tuesday – No Plastic Baggies for Lunch!

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Hi Everyone – Well, you might remember the other day I wrote about eating breakfast. There are studies that snow it is most advantageous to your body to eat breakfast within the first thirty minutes you are awake. I never, ever accomplish this!  Usually I eat breakfast an hour and a half or two hours…… Continue reading Monday